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Oct-12-2018 Categories: news

Honestly why do you affliction that everyone's traveling to buy the skull trooper for example? I bought it on aboriginal absolution and I'm animated they've appear it afresh so added humans can acquire the adventitious to abrasion it.

It's just a skin, accepting a attenuate derma doesn't accomplish you a bigger amateur or accomplish you attending cool. If you wish to affect humans afresh affect them with your gameplay, not by a skin. Just my assessment anyway. What're your thoughts?

I didn't play a lot of of seasons 3-5 so I sucked hard, and I was so balked that I fabricated a aphorism that I couldn't abrasion a derma until I got a win. I asleep a guy in a solo, and he messaged me to acquaint me how I was abhorrent because I didn't even acquire a skin.

I got the OG top founder's copy way aback in the ancient canicule so I've been accepting v-bucks ambrosial consistently so amid that and actuation buys I'm sitting about 65 banknote or so. I told him that I had a brace skins, and he acquainted the need to accord me his absolute (12 skins) and account them all.

When I responded with my derma count, he went into absolute accident mode. I'm about 30 so as petty as it was, I enjoyed trolling him afterwards that for a few minutes. I alone can't appreciate someone's derma investment accepting any appulse whatsoever, but I'll appropriately developed ass man angle on these little dorks who can't just let it go.

On one duke accomplishing that could accomplish the abstraction of assertive banknote as a cachet symbol. On the added duke maybe it would advise him to not try and angle his derma account aback you never apperceive what the added accepting in achievement has lol.

At the end of the day it's just a game. Anybody just needs to be admiring and acquire fun. Cheers to addition abutting to 30 player!

Absolutely my yield on it. I would never go out of my way to be a dick to anyone over skins. I alone just like accepting a appropriate array of banknote to change it up. That applies to any bold I play.

But already you adjudge to play the "I acquire this" bold as a way to betoken ahead (especially because I chose not to use a skin), I'm traveling to acquire you play that agenda on added humans who may not acquire abundant and layeth the smackdown. As a astute man already said, "Don't alpha no shit, won't be no shit."

For me i like accession "exclusive" stuff. I adore arena with banknote like Renegade Raider, Galaxy skin, Ghoul trooper etc... Just because i apperceive it's something that not alot of humans have.

I don't affliction they absolution such banknote though... Banknote get overhyped because they are "rare" and afresh if they get appear afresh and everybody has it cipher gives a aerial fuck about it anymore. Attending at the red charlatan for example.

Lol this sub circlejerking about accepting bigger than those who affliction about absolute banknote is just as affecting as humans who in achievement affliction about absolute skins and items.

Why do humans affliction about others owning "rare" skins? Because it's accurate to accepting something to appearance you've been arena a while that about anyone abroad has. Is it in achievement that harder to acquire OP?

People adore exclusivity and I deceit accept it's something humans dont understand.