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Aug-02-2018 Categories: news

I've been arena Fortnite aback March, right? So...you would anticipate that I've bigger a acceptable accord and I'm accepting added kills and wins, right? Well...no. That's in actuality VERY wrong. I don't apperceive what the absolute hell it is, but I accept never gotten a abandoned win, and I've never gotten added than 5 kills.

Yet, I feel sooooo abundant added adequate with the bold than I did 5 months ago if I started. Like, I was your archetypal noob who acclimated the touchpad on a laptop instead of a accustomed abrasion accepting 0 kills per bold and not even accepting able to build.

With time I started accepting absolute few kills and I bought an absolute gaming abrasion cuz I was appealing invested. I started watching streamers all the time and accomplished in-game all the time, and I'm just not seeing the results.

I apperceive how to build, I aim abundant better, but there's some axiological aspect missing from my gameplay that I'm just not realizing.

I've watched bags of my replays to try to fix my mistakes and it's formed but alone to a assertive degree. I affirm I feel like I've hit bedrock basal in this bold cuz I just can't assume to get bigger for the activity of me.

If you attending at my stats, they're in actuality low, but that's because I've played so abounding matches breadth I've gotten absolute few kills and no wins, but aural this accomplished month, I feel like I've bigger a lot, which don't get me wrong, I accept because I am starting to annihilate added accomplished players, but it's just abstract how I haven't won at atomic once.

And not to mention, you would anticipate at this point I would be accepting added than 5 kills... I don't apperceive what abroad to say. Sorry for the rant. Please accord me suggestions as I'm accessible to annihilation you accept to say at this point. What am I missing to in actuality get acceptable at Fortnite?

I went from a chump to a appalling adversary not by arena in games, but by practicing in playground. Amphitheater approach is the best way to physique beef memory. Aswell convenance how to shoot and bandy weapons quickly.

Then already you get the adhere of it, add in architecture in amid shots so you don’t yield damage. This bold is about the little things, afresh putting it all together.

Trust me, i’ve accomplished in pg approach for hours and accept abstruse and Fortnite Items gotten so abundant bigger because of it, but the alone way to absolutely get bigger is by arena with complete humans in game.