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Sep-10-2018 Categories: news

First of all I adulation Fortnite and accept aback division 2 if I started arena but its complete repetitive and needs some added challenges to mix it up and accomplish humans wish to play the game. Its the aforementioned old story, aboriginal few weeks of the division you are admiring it, in actuality cutting to get the accomplished akin out of all your friends.

Afresh you alpha to ability college levels, you alleviate a lot of of the tiers and consistently complete the account challenges the aboriginal day they are out acceptation you accept to delay accession 6 canicule afore you are motivated afresh to grind.

Afresh if you hit top lvl 50's-60 it gets slow, it takes what feels like weeks to bank up and akin up to the best derma and you feel like its added of a assignment than you accepting fun and adequate the bold and I feel they allegation to change it up.

Here's what I suggest: Division challenges - maybe 7+ (like account challenges) but they endure the accomplished division and are completed in 3 ranks. For archetype - Get 500 kills in division 6. The aboriginal rank (bronze) would be to accomplish 100 kills and you get a mini accolade such as xp or tiers, next rank (silver) 250 kills, accession mini reward. But with the final accolade (gold) 500 kills you get a bifold reward, the tiers/xp and a skin/dance/glider/pickaxe/back bling.

The challenges accept to be boxy and yield the majority of a division to complete, examples are 50 wins, accessible 500 chests, run 1000km (it measures automatically in bold so it shouldn't be too hard), 10,000 pickaxe accident to players. Ones that will actuate you while you are aswell cutting levels and xp.

Now as for the rewards, I anticipate xp and tiers is acceptable abundant for a lot of but already you complete a claiming you wish something to actualization for it so you can draft to your mates how acceptable you are at the game. As we apperceive the abandoned way to get banknote is through the action canyon and affairs them and I feel like humans on a account should be able to get added customization in the bold and actualization off something they accept that others don't.

If you in actuality capital to you could accomplish them acquirement anniversary claiming for 50V-bucks (making use of those STW circadian challenges) but accept 2 air-conditioned skins, 2 dances, 2 gliders, 2 pickaxes and 2 aback bling as rewards for the complete of 10 challenges.

Then for achievement of all ten division challenges you get to aces 1 of 2 abounding apparel advised accurately for the challenges which would be air-conditioned attenuate and accomplish anybody wish them and wish to complete the challenges accordingly added motivation of Fortnite Cheap Items. The banknote could be agnate with just baby locations afflicted and colours swapped but it gives humans a best of what they prefer.

Again, this is abandoned an assessment as I feel we allegation added action to play the amateur and to admonition humans adapt their characters added on a account and in actuality abstracted the humans that will bullwork and plan harder for the challenges to the pay to win players.