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Nov-29-2018 Categories: news

I anticipate the adventure missions and a lot of ancillary quests are bad bold design. Apprehend me out. So we all abhorrence AFK players, that's obvious, but addition accumulation who can be annoying are the humans who just... do their own affair and acreage and don't advice with objectives, right?

This is area my affair with the bold architecture comes in. Lot's of quests advance exploring and searching for accidental applesauce that accept a baby adventitious of spawning. Abiding i could advice my aggregation defend, Fortnite Items buy but I charge to acquisition this brainless endure TV to complete the mission. I'll attending about a bit more.

I'm not gonna pretend I've never done it, I have. I was breaking basic the absolute bold aggravating to get my endure account for that one mission in Canny.

This is just bad bold architecture imo and ballsy should attending into alteration up the missions. Completing the cold should be the capital focus, not hitting accidental items acquisitive for a drop.

It's not the abandoned problem. One added audacious affair for me actuality is that we accept a lott-based antagonism in a CO-OP game. Like, whoever gets to the chest or abode aboriginal - gets all the shit. Yes, it's aggregate with a lot of the circadian things to destroy, and yes, there are schem caches that are aggregate but why the fuck the blow of it all is just for one person?

Isn't the accomplished purpose of CO-OP in COOPERATION, not the boodle accepting competition? Yes, it may even added animate fuckers like leechers and such, like one getting finds aggregate and the blow just go aces it up, but the way it is now isn't goddamn alive either.

And the sad affair is? It will not change. It's in the game's rotten bulk and they attack abundant with "new" accoutrements to even try and fix the game's bulk problems that's been there for years.

I anticipate that all the containers (and I beggarly ALL) should accord a allotment of items to the accomplished team, somewhat like the Troll Chest. If a architect builds about the objective, anybody allowances from that defense.

Aforementioned with traps.

So just accomplish aggregate that an greenhorn (maybe it's bigger if they accept the advantage here, to advance chic diversity) opens, gets aggregate with the blow of the group.

Then get the "kill 50 mistmonsters" calculation appear anybody in a assertive range, so anybody focuses on their own chic appearance (building, trapping, ambidextrous damage, exploring, treasure-finding, etc).