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Aug-05-2018 Categories: news

Are we in actuality still accepting a bang arena this game? Are you arena this bold like you were in Division 3-4? I apperceive I'm not. I apperceive my accompany aren't. This bold use to be the jello, now it's just amoroso + water.

This amateur aiguille was arise the end of Division 3. Aback then, anniversary amend has fabricated this bold gradually worse and I'm ailing of scrolling this sub and account accepting like "LTM idea!" if the bold in accustomed is struggling. Like seriously, we can't even ADS afterwards our appearance demography up bisected the awning and blocking what we're cutting at, but we're abashed about a new "LTM idea!" ?

Enough with the new derma ideas, abundant with the new bold access ideas, abundant with the new allurement ideas - MMOGO Fortnite Facebook Group Giveaway!


Here's an idea. How about we advance this bold fixes the problems that affliction it?

We're all gonna sit actuality and pretend this bold is cool fun huh? Until what, Alarm of Duty and Battlefield steals bisected the amateur base? All because we let the basal bisected of the accomplishment gap accomplish this bold a bazaar act, rather than what it was accept to become? The funnest BR of them all, with an accent on building?

What had fabricated this bold gradually worse?

1.) Aerosol and Pray:

This bold has gotten so abundant worse aggravating to abode turtling. NO, Epic. Authoritative SMGs as able as they are was not the solution, it was added poison. The Boom gun has way too abundant account for a individual weapon. The Meta is actively application a

Drum gun as an AR, a Sub, and a MiniGun (as far as capability at antibacterial builds). I'm annoyed of seeing this gun be an complete unit, with in actuality no accomplishment to use it added than captivation down the R-trigger.

2.) War on building:

"Beginning players aren't acceptable at building."


When I aboriginal started this game, I couldn't physique a wall, ramp.

But.. (here's the kicker). I got BETTER.

I didn't ask for Devs to change the accomplished FREAKIN bold so that I could get a brace of bold kills at the bulk of added accomplished players. This is actively such a impaired avenue to take. To abort what fabricated you acknowledged and different; building!

Whether it's blurred materials, Buffing explosives to the sky, or abbreviating the starting hit credibility of builds while authoritative accoutrements like the Boom gun the best gun in the game. The war on architecture has got to STOP and we charge to bang the balance we had in Division 3-4. Breadth the bold was at its funnest.

3.) War on Shotguns:

Shotguns aren't in actuality beneath powered per say. But there was a bright Path Epic took if removing bifold shotgun, and promoting/making SMGs a lot added applicative account astute and accident wise. The ambition was to absolute shotguns access on the game. This was a abhorrent accommodation because shotguns accept a MUCH bigger accomplishment gap to application afresh the aerosol and adjure non-existent accomplishment gap SMGs promote.

Quick acclimate on Shotguns:

Ok guys, I'm not suggesting that bifold pump was the ideal way CQC should accept been. I'm not advocating for bifold shotgun, nor am I even adage I was a fan of bifold pump.

All I'm adage is that by removing bifold shotgun, the Devs acutely put added accent on abbreviation the access shotguns had on the game, and announcement the spam SMG meta.

EVEN if you reinstate bifold shotgun, Pump about-face to Boom gun would still be the meta, NOT bifold pump. The boom has too abundant account use to not be meta. So even if bifold pump was still a thing, it would not be the a lot of able admixture in today's meta, not even close.

With that accepting said, if the altercation was that "double pump was too powerful", by analytic comparison, you should accede that Pump-Drum gun is just as abundant "too powerful" (cough and it's not the pump authoritative that admixture too able cough).

4.) Bad Camera bend if ADS:

Just throwing this in. The fix to apparition peeking was welcomed, but this new ADS bend is not. Change the FOV, accomplish your physique transparent. Do what you wish but do something. ADS is not accept to be a accidental nuisance.

Appealing abiding this caused added of a botheration than it fixed.

5.) The complete superior of the game:

Seriously, what happened? Maps don't render. Huge lag spikes in the average of the game. Huge anatomy bulk drops out of the blue. Accoutrements not switching. SMG not battlefront sometimes afterwards switching from shotgun, accidental action glitches, the bold crashing mid bold and accepting to restart..

There are so abounding bugs and glitches in the game, it about feels like you guys are devoting a little too abundant time into creating new skins, and not abundant time in actuality up-keeping the bold itself. I can't hop into a bold afterwards some weird bug assuming up ancient through.

(At atomic on console)

This decline of superior of the bold is anon commensurable to if HiRez studios arise Realm Royale. They absorb a huge bulk of time aggravating to plan on that game, their added bold SMITE got way added buggy, laggy, and just in general; worse. Are you guys spending your time in Division 6? Added skins? Whatever it is, adjournment the division if you accept Fortnite Items too. The bold itself needs some work.

If we as players accumulate blank posts like these. Afresh we deserve this Path we're traveling down aback the endure 5-6 updates. Sit actuality and act like it's all a coincidence, but there is a war on the accomplishment gap in this game, and anybody ends up reaping what they sow.