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Which is the best individual ambition accident and aoe accident shotgun adapted now? I haven't played as abounding as I acclimated to so I apperceive there are a lot added weapons accessible and I haven't had the time to attending at the stats aback I don't apperceive which accoutrements are alleged what. Just analytic for which is the best individual ambition dps shotgun to akin up. I bethink aback afresh abounding cast by the longs arm apache aback it has the ambit and can headshot easily, Fortnite Items and the arrow for aoe Damage. Any acknowledgment would be helpful.

Depends on what you're analytic for. These are some accordant ones:

Burst Accident Shotguns: Tigerjaw, Roomsweeper

Longdistance Shotguns: Longarm Enforcer, Nightclaw

Ammo Efficient Shotgun: The Bear

Versatile High-performance Shotguns: Bark Buster, Stampede, Arena Pounder

Area Accident Shotguns: Dragon's Might, Dragoon, Vindertech Disintegrator, Ol' Smoky, Thunderbolt, DragonFire

Don't accomplish your weapons 130. 106 is added than enough.

You're bigger off battlefront added generally than accomplishing added impact. Accumulate reload. You apparently wish a Crit body because the Badger is already traveling to cook the trash, but will not do abounding to the huskies and brume monsters, so crit gives it a adventitious of in fact accomplishing accident adjoin that. Also, Crits access appulse damage, so you'll alternate bigger with it.

Longarm Apache is actually bigger at the role of "long-distance shotgun". Nightclaw's absolute average of the alley in a lot of categories. Some bodies like it, but I wouldn't alone use it.

The badger is my alone 130 shotgun. A lot of of my accoutrements are 106. I accept 1 (130) pistol, and I accept 3 AR's that are 130 of anniversary element, but I alone use them in pl 100 accumulation missions breadth the bark are pl 118. I'm currently pl 123 and accept so abounding 5 brilliant mats farmed up that are currently unused. Afore we the amend breadth our accumulator and haversack amplitude was added I was disturbing just to accumulate my backspace/storage amplitude to a low minimum appropriately my 2nd acumen abaft accepting to use my 5 brilliant mats. Still acquisitive and cat-and-mouse for Ballsy to acquiesce for a 5th area soon.

I didn't apperceive crit' added the impact. Will accept to try this out. I'll actually accept to akin up my connected arm apache as well. That will be my go to attributes shotgun. Fabricated the buck with baptize aspect and admiring it so far w/ all dejected perks. Will accept to access the reload time though, as with all shotguns.

Edit: My obliterator is aswell pl 130, and brightcore aback it's aswell alone acclimated by my defender.