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​FortNite - The ultimate shock belfry guide

news Apr-14-2019

​FortNite - The ultimate shock belfry guide

# How to use

This is appealing simple, but I'll go over for ya noobs, you pros can skip to the additional section. The shock belfry is a fast firing, army ascendancy assemblage that calmly takes out debris and stuns enemies afterwards a few hits. The accustomed best way to use it in my assessment is by application appearance about-face to get in and Fortnite Items out of agitation fast. Accession tip with application it is to use allegation bits on teddy if you accept both abilities, and use seismic accident as accession CC adeptness if shock belfry is on cooldown.

Perks for shock tower...

- Shock specialist, increases damage

- Agrarian fragment, shock belfry applies affliction

- Shockblaster, increases impact

- Trailblaster, increases duration

Viable allowances for fragments

- Fragment flurry, abolishment beginning will admission a fragment

- Tedd shot, headshot abolishment beginning will admission a fragment (Old celebrity decreases cooldown with a fragment but isn't annual it on a shock belfry body as it just burns through bits faster and wastes a advantage slot)

# Who to use

My yield on agrarian frag v shock specialist(the best two shock belfry heros)

Assuming you use capacitater your shock belfry gets 11 accustomed hits and 8 adversity hits, both shock blueprint and agrarian frag use the abject belfry accident and accumulate off that. The alone aggregation advantage that currently affects shock belfry is Preemptive strike so we will accept you are application that. With all of this in play let me accord you the accident equations and terms. X=shock belfry accident afterwards mods H=number of hybrids in your squad...

Shock Specialist (2.08X?11) + [1.5X?(8+H)]

Wild Fragment (1.33X?11)+[2.5X?(8+H)]

In adjustment to annual the aberration in accident that shock specialist has over agrarian frag with Preemptive bang use the afterward equation...


Plug whatever numbers into anniversary blueprint and see the results, not alone does shock specialist win, but he aswell has a college dps.

In cessation shock specialist does a hardly college bulk of accident and has a college dps. Personally aces what you ambition based on abilities, agrarian fragment has teddy which is nice if you like that, and shock specialist gets added CC with seismic smash. If you are a begrimed min-maxer like me afresh you will aces shock specialist contrarily accept who you want.