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Nov-06-2018 Categories: news

Dear Epic, the reside contest accept been absolutely alarming and fun... but... Can we amuse get some description on what the accomplished 3 season's adventure absolute means?

We adulation the mystery... but it kinda feels abandoned with no annual as to what it all agency and how it connects.

Maybe there's still added accepting to appear so you don't ambition to explain accepting yet but there are so abounding things that we accept no abstraction about.

- The runes and their meaning

- Who the hell were the enforcers?

- Breadth did the Vistor go?

- And breadth did he appear from?

- A awe-inspiring alembic that's been sitting actuality for a while

- A lab developing rifts underground

- Why is bits floating

- Why is the amphibian bits appearing people

- Breadth did Kevin appear from

- Why did he lift up Boodle Lake (Leaky Lake)

- And why yield years to do so

I don't apperceive how you would acquaint the annual to us, because acutely you wouldn't accomplish a Reddit column about it, Fortnite Items but maybe a cutscene or loading screen? You guys accept a abounding aesthetic team, I'm abiding you could bulk something out.

It all has a meaning. Its a butterfly effect. Comet brought the company that created the breach that brought kevin that died and showed A BUTTERFLY.