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​FortNite - The affair with Alerts in accepted - IMO

news May-15-2019

​FortNite - The affair with Alerts in accepted - IMO

I acquaint this in some comments, but I anticipate it in fact deserves to be acquaint as a thread:

The affair with alerts is / was 2 bend - one of them is accepting addressed, Fortnite Items buy but one in fact hasn't as far as I can tell. A lot of humans accept a bound bulk of time to do missions and appropriately charge to prioritize.

Doing an alive mission agency you aren't accomplishing a aberrant storm mission - so you are trading rewards, typically:

- 35 v-bucks - Cache (likely dejected schem or maybe evo mats - minor)


- 76 Ballsy Perk-up - Tickets

Obviously a lot of humans would aces the v-bucks, what what added rewards would humans in fact aces over tickets / evos or perks?

The acknowledgment is apparently nothing. Discounting the 4x alerts, there is absolute little players will charge by the time they can get them. Ballsy survivors / leads are useful, but mostly popup column pl 80, and a lot of humans will not charge them at that level.

Transforms are a net accident in agreement of Manuals, and alone accord things from Llamas - Maybe if they had a baby adventitious of axis into an accident account or something.

Overall they charge to add added options, maybe hero agenda bits or weapon agenda fragments, and abolish some of the in fact bad alive rewards.

Some appropriate alive rewards: (numbers are in fact fabricated up)

- Gold - A appropriate bulk of it - 100-300

- Ballsy schematics - These abide sometimes - Ballsy transform keys ache from the aforementioned affair - but aren't terrible.

- Ballsy / Allegorical Flux - 10-20 ?

- Hero Agenda bits - 5-10, with 100 accepting a voucher?

- Weapon Agenda bits - 2-5, with 100 accepting a voucher?

- Reperk - Seems low because no tickets - access slightly?

- Perkup - Seems low because no tickets - access slightly?

I'm abiding there are added accessible options as well.

Lower akin alerts can still accept dejected / amethyst survivors / leads / defenders / etc - Humans will charge those in Stonewood / Plank.