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​FortNite - Superior of Activity Change: Timers

news Apr-11-2019

​FortNite - Superior of Activity Change: Timers

It would be nice if we had timers to accommodate a little bit added information.

- For example, a admission for if you are in "Going Commando" mode. Abiding we could watch the timer until it hits appx 45 abnormal (depending on allowances etc) but a simple admission would be nice. Or, conceivably your appearance flashes or something if you acquire 5 abnormal left.

- If I use the Corsair and get a crit hit, afresh my pistol headshot is added by 40% for 15 seconds. I would affectionate of like to apperceive if my 15 abnormal is about to expire. Again, a timer or if you appearance flashed or something to announce your time was about Fortnite Items to expire would be in fact informative.

- A timer would be accessible with Warcry. Abnormally accustomed there are allowances to extend Warcry. If you extend it afresh the timer, too, is extended.

- If application the Founder's Blazing Masamune, one can activate an access afterwards 6 hits. I can never acquaint which hit I am on, and I would adopt to save that 6th hit for assertive situations. Again, some anatomy of advice about which hit I was on would be helpful. Essential? No. Helpful? Yes.

- Shadow Stance: I anticipate a timer of sorts would be advantageous actuality too. Abnormally aback you can extend the time of the Shadow Stance. I am never in fact abiding if it is about to expire. Conceivably if the appearance started aflame if it was about to expire?

Are there far added important things to plan on in this game? Sure. Is this the a lot of acute issue? Apparently not. However, it would be a nice accession to the game, in my opinion.