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​FortNite - STW and Action Canyon at the aforementioned time

news May-09-2019

​FortNite - STW and Action Canyon at the aforementioned time

Just apprehensive how abounding hours per anniversary it would crop an boilerplate amateur to complete a battlepass. Would like to play abundant br to get the battlepass goodies, but not if it takes too long, abandoned get so abounding hours a anniversary to play and ambition to prioritize stw(at atomic abundant to buy out the boutique every week).

I was an boilerplate accidental br player, but switched over afterwards affairs stw. Anyone do both afterwards arena 3+ hours a day?

Here is what I did for my alt accounts BP endure season. This analysis I just swapped between.


- Save 3 dailies and do them on day 3, reroll as bare to try and accomplish them easier - Don't anytime cap 3 at a reset, ie don't absence any if possible. Allegedly crop you maybe an hour every 3 days.

- Do all the annual being the endure anniversary of challenges - You can beating out SO abundant that overlaps and is in agnate areas if you wait.

- Leave matches breadth you can no best complete anything. Kinda abhorrent but meh is what it is.

I did all my s6 challenges in like 2 hours endure analysis on my alt account.


- Save 3 dailies and try to reroll in fact time arresting ones, like save 25 survivors.

- You get 240 gold a day now from dailies so that helps a lot.

- Affairs out the ENTIRE boutique is allegedly unrealistic, but you can get the capital being appealing easily.

- Aim for apprenticed time questlines aboriginal and foremost. Try to do the faster missions, like Collect and Kill, Encampments, Bombs and the Beta storms (most are ~10 mins).

STW is in fact a above time bore cutting gold though. And In fact, buy cheapest Fortnite Items on mmogo store, you can have a try!