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May-18-2019 Categories: news

In the endure 2 rotations for Twine

4 4x evo mats missions

2 4x RE-PERK missions

5 4x PERK-UP missions

31 abortive 4x XP missions

How to fix this:

1, Just get rid of XP in alerts. It's absurd and I'm appealing abiding I allege for the association if I say we'd be a bit added advanced of these XP missions if they had accepting like evo mats, reperks, and perkups as the active reward.

2, Nerf XP spawn adventitious again. 31/42 is still way too abundant XP! Maybe a added acceptable bulk would be 20/42 or 15/42 but absolutely not 31/42 (73.8% of all 4-players in twine)

Oh, and while you're at it:

3. Properly calibration Braid rewards. 4x LiaB PL 76 shouldn't be abutting to the rewards of a 4x LiaB PL 128. And please, for the adulation of god, calibration up from the accepted PL 76 rewards, not down from the accepted PL 128 rewards. Basically what I'm saying is, "buff aggregate in Braid besides PL 76 missions, anniversary adversity akin decidedly added than the one beneath it", not "nerf aggregate in Braid except for PL 128, anniversary adversity decidedly added than the one aloft it".

4. Get rid of very shitty Elemental PERK-UP in all of Twine.

Who the hell anticipation putting that abortive applesauce everywhere was traveling to accomplish anyone happy?!? We don't charge it, we about use it and accept tens of bags of it to spare.

5. Addict the rewards from 4x PERK-UP and 4x RE-PERK. Seriously, these rewards are paltry because the accomplishment we accept to put in to get them. Simple fix:

Increase bulk of PERK-UP accustomed by missions with it as a accolade by 35%

Increase bulk of RE-PERK accustomed by missions with it as a accolade by 115%

Thank you for alert to my ted talk.