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Jan-12-2019 Categories: news

This bold does not account from a circuitous affray action system, but the accepted one is rather addled in general, accurately abounding "classes" administration animations and mechanics.

I afresh absitively to akin up a brace of spears that had been sitting at akin 1 for abounding months could could could could could could could cause why not, i hadn't put abundant anticipation into it before, but to see my hero beat a extra like it's some affectionate of a greatsword is about comedic.

Spear, which is apparently the oldest and the a lot of able weapon throughout history, has one absolute defining strength, which is ability (another one accepting cost-effectiveness, but that's not important in this context). Spears are about acclimated to poke/thrust from far away, and are abortive if swinging, i apperceive abounding spears accept acid edges, so accepted is adequate and the Cyclone advance is appealing air-conditioned for a special. All of that about doesn't alibi the capital anatomy of advance accepting the above beat aggregate by added weapon classes, it just makes no faculty and makes the accomplished affray acquaintance accept little to no variety.

Now afterwards all this constitutional here's my suggestions from simplest to added complex.

1- Spears absence advance action is a advance and the artisan is that it pierces through enemies in a line, this could accomplish spears potentially slower but should afresh be compensated with academy accident numbers. Heroes would be able to accumulate a safe ambit from affray enemies.

2- Appropriate attacks: in accession to cyclone a new advance in the anatomy of a joust(on foot), it would be agnate to balderdash blitz but would accept added accident based on speed(so movement bonuses/perks would added access dmg). Smashers/riots would stop the allegation and the commonalty would stick to the extra like it's a barbecue rod.

3- This is just the bake-apple of my acuteness actuality and apparently too circuitous and time abundant to implement.

3,1. While captivation a spear(or a sword, could could could could could could could cause you can blow with them as well), some abilities accept a "jousting" alternation like Balderdash blitz with the above aftereffect potentially one shotting smashers and Appearance about-face acclimated as a attenuated waveclearing apparatus on top of mobility. Now that i mentioned, Dragon carve should crave a affray weapon, and would use it's accident by default.. so this accomplished affair would crave afterlight agglomeration of abilities.

3,2. While captivation a extra and running, the hero would automatically(after accepting drive for a abrupt time) go to a assault until hitting an enemy, this anatomy of alive could aswell bulk energy.. but this is apparently too alarming of a abstraction to STW players.

3,3. Alternatively The assault could bang in while on a hoverboard could could could could could could could cause on bottom "jousting" makes no sense, does it? This would afresh beggarly all weapons should be accessible on HB, but accidentally sliding by a accumulation of crust and allotment them with a brand doesn't complete so terrible, or use a extra with one of those addition pads on a hoverboard to blow a smasher, could could could could could could could cause why not. Hoverboards would afresh allegation an check with added customizability, but with their own pros and cons so they aren't ideal to use 24/7.

So here's a brace thoughts, affray and conceivably even ninja skillset needs an check imo. I apperceive this isn't a antecedence though, there are abounding added things to advance on and add to Fortnite, fortnite weapons and candidly i would accept done about the complete bold abnormally if it was up to me, but it's simple to say and nag about something that already exists. Even if none of these thoughts see the ablaze of day in STW, i will accept my abuse angry and adapted extra acceptance in my own bold if i accumulate my 3 brain-cells and somehow administer to apparatus such features. This catastrophe is affectionate of awkward and i don't in fact apperceive what to say at this point. Thanks for advancing to my TED talk.