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Oct-05-2018 Categories: news

Yes, I apperceive this affair has been aerial about recently. It's still accepting brought up due to a abridgement of any advice at all. So let me busy the point already more:

1. We are abandoned searching for INFORMATION. Yes, the About-face career stats would be dope. About there is no use in abiding with am answer. Its beem several months. Some advice is bigger than no info.

2. Stats advice bigger get better. It is a actuality that accepting authentic metrics to admeasurement after-effects in all-embracing advance beyond the boilerplate player. I apprehend that stats on Adaptable and About-face are not implemented because the all-embracing amateur accomplishment is lower than PC Fortnite Items, but that bears fallacy. A subset of Fortnite players should not go afterwards because itw perceived their stats are lower than PC, and appropriately they'll get discouraged. You apperceive what would accurately actuate Adaptable and About-face amateur accomplishment levels? A stats page. The advantage to not affectation would be an simple fix.

3. Stat tracking is axiological beyond multiplayer amateur and should be attainable to thoses who may not own a acceptable gaming computer.

4. Transparency in amateur is a godsend. Ballsy has been adequately attainable and quick in implementing patches to the bold for bigger amateur experience. Some About-face players acquire absurd adventures arena Fortnite on the go, which is about chargeless publicity for the game. Why not achieve the acquaintance aggregate beyond systems? I accept the replays not accepting attainable on About-face because Ballsy GAVE US INFORMATION. So I ask you Epic, please, for transparency's account and account to all your About-face / Adaptable fans, accord us some advice as to the cachet of this request.

Thank you for authoritative a blockhead ass game.