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Aug-10-2018 Categories: news

I've been arena aback January. I wouldn't necessarily say I'm a adept amateur in any way but I've played continued abundant to anatomy an opinion. Aback afresh if I played a bold of Fortnite it acquainted like I was artlessly arena for fun and air-conditioned with my mates.

I admired arena the bold so abundant I would play for hours a day just accepting fun aggressive and active about the map exploring. I had absitively to buy the Action Canyon aback if analysis 3 started and I was so excited. I admired accomplishing all the challenges and unlocking all the loot.

But now 2 seasons later, I'm just burnt out. I feel like every anniversary I hop into 50 v 50 just to accomplish some bush assignment to alleviate some accidental emote that I may use already ever. It doesn't feel like any of the challenges are absolutely altered besides for a few like the ATK and Shopping Cart Fire ring claiming and etc.

All I do is I hop on, accomplishment them, and afresh get off until the next anniversary comes out. I don't adore aggressive play anymore. I rarely anytime get wins. If I acreage at a busy breadth I may get a brace kills and afresh die.

When I acreage at a bound area I may annihilate a brace guys and afresh at the end of the bold die to some accidental dude with 10 kills and batty architecture skills. It's discouraging. I don't wish to absorb 6 to 7 hours a day so that way I can be that guy who gets a 15 annihilate win.

I feel like even if I did, others will still get bigger and I will never bolt up with them. The bold doesn't accord me a acumen in the aboriginal abode that incentivizes me to try and win and absorb hours playing. If I win, I feel like I've able nothing.

All I get is an umbrella. Every 2 and a bisected months. Meanwhile, I can alleviate amazing banknote and emotes by bent into a bold and accomplishing some abject task. It doesn't accomplish me wish to play the game. I anticipation the able point was "going for the win".

Why should I go for the win if there's no reward. It's artlessly frustrating. Also, in agreement of metas, I am ailing of them. I shouldn't accept to anguish about demography a shotgun over an smg or carnality versa (Even admitting I may accept a preference, one is just bigger than the other).

I wish to be able to play with whatever gun I want. If I wish a slienced pistol instead of an AR, I should be able to do that. Authoritative added accoutrements bigger than others in the aforementioned class just eliminates the use of the added Fortnite guns - Fortnite Items.

Anyway, I'm apologetic about my rant. I'm just burnt out. There is already so abundant accusatory in this association but I bare to accurate how I feel even admitting it's appealing controversial.

Write your angle actuality and admonition me, acknowledge you in advance!