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Jan-04-2019 Categories: news

Hey there! I've been cerebration about this for a bit... and I apparently already told a few of it. But I'm analytical as to what you think.

As of appropriate now, we apperceive that their will be 6 absolute slots for heroes in the new rework.

I'm kinda cerebration / acquisitive for the afterward aperture options:

- Capital (The hero you play as)

- Abutment 1

- Abutment 2 (Cannot accept the aforementioned adeptness as Abutment Aperture 1...even if altered hero...Example: Shuriken Adept vs Bladestorm)

- Appropriate 1

- Appropriate 2 (Cannot accept the aforementioned adeptness as Appropriate Aperture 1....even if altered hero...Example: Commando vs Carbide)

- Cosmetic Override (Must be aural the aforementioned Chic as Capital slot, adeptness accept to acquaint a new adjustment of anecdotic the bracket anniversary abecedarian is arena aback a Reclaimer could be cosmetically overrided as a Pathfinder)

But yeah, Fortnite Items that is my prediction... does it assume reasonable? Too overpowered? Lemme apperceive whatcha think!

IF this were the case... what would your start-up be?

I would go:

- Main: Enforcer Grizzley

- Abutment 1: Shuriken Master

- Abutment 2: Reclaimer

- Appropriate 1: Commando

- Appropriate 2: Reclaimer

- Cosmetic Override: Recon Scout Jess (Founder's)

If this is the case heroes themselves allegation to be nerfed. A greenhorn can't accept activity acumen and a added 5 abnormal that will accomplish outlanders even added broken.