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Aug-09-2018 Categories: news

I apperceive this has been mentioned affluence of times in this sub, but I anticipate it's something we accept to abide to reiterate. This has accustomed itself as one of my all time admired video amateur for any animate or system.

They've listened to the association and never bootless to acknowledge (okay, they've bootless sometimes...but all-embracing the devs accept done lots to advance and acclimate the game)

But we are still missing a accolade arrangement for wins as we all know. I anticipate they've got to accept to these suggestions if they wish to break accordant for addition year - and abounding to come.

My abstraction for a accolade arrangement for wins is listed below. Feel chargeless to animadversion and abuse so they can apprehend your options too.

The win adverse for rewards would restart anniversary action canyon and would abide through the 10 weeks. It would be beneath the "Challenges" breadth of the card so you could consistently accumulate clue of analysis wins.

Wins: Prize

1: A win specific spray

5: An emote (maybe a "high 5" - air-conditioned to do with your squadmates. Symbolic of 5 wins)

10: Aback Bling: (Trophy searching haversack of some sort)

15: Glider/Umbrella

20: Aces ax of some kind

30: A appropriate skin

50: An even bigger skin

100: 2,000 V-Bucks

Something forth these curve would accumulate the bold added fresh, fun, and competitive, get more great Fortnite Items. You could aswell win these things afterwards affairs the action pass. These are just my account at the moment so feel chargeless to animadversion and tweak, but I'd adulation to see a accolade arrangement for wins in the next action pass.