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Dec-02-2018 Categories: news

Movement acceleration abutment and tacticals are ashamed or movement acceleration cap needs to be increased... Afterwards assorted entering and departure missions to analysis out Fortnite Items altered movement acceleration abutment and tacticals (Wild Fragment +12% movement acceleration access support; Fleetfoot +30% movement acceleration afterwards affray kill; Acreage Agent +20% movement acceleration afterwards adumbration stance) it seems like none of these allowances affect movement acceleration visibly/audibly nor affects the in-game carbon sheet.

Since Wild Fragment's abutment benefit does not change the stats in-game I can't in fact acquaint if it does annihilation I assumption but you can visually and audibly apprehension that accouterment a affray weapon with +14% movement acceleration will access your movement slightly.

Using appearance about-face and in the area aswell acutely increases your movement acceleration but activating a dejected or amethyst fragment doesn't assume to access movement speed. Dim mak's "Up in smoke" adeptness which increases movement acceleration by +50% for 15 abnormal afterwards application smoke bomb actually sees an access in movement speed, but no added benefit like the siphon, support, tactical, or fragment will access the movement acceleration in the carbon area or visually/audibly.

Dire's adeptness to access movement acceleration afterwards 8 annual works accomplished but doesn't appearance any changes in the carbon area either and no bonuses will access your movement acceleration except for a affray weapon and the night time benefit it seems.

I cannot acquaint if it's just the movement acceleration cap or what, but from what I an acquaint - alone abilities, primary perks, and affray weapons are accretion movement speed. Does anyone allotment the aforementioned acquaintance or am I just crazy? I activated application Syd, Dire, Striker, and Dim Mak and I'm aghast I can alone zoom so fast.

Maybe beneath than 50% movement acceleration increases aren't in fact apparent or doesn't change the stats aback it doesn't access abounding movement credibility (The carbon area will alone change from 1.0 asphalt movement acceleration to 1.3 asphalt movement acceleration for ninjas if application their +50% movement acceleration buff)? But accouterment a affray weapon with +14% movement acceleration seems to access movement acceleration as anon as you bandy to the weapon so... idk.

What works: Dim Mak's Up in Smoke; Outlander's appearance about-face or In the zone; Dire's Nightstalker/Midnight stalker; +14% movement acceleration from a affray perk; and I've noticed that siphons will access your movement speed, but not if you already accept Dire or Dim Mak's movement acceleration increase.

What doesn't work: Wild Fragment's +14% movement acceleration bonus; Fleetfoot's +30% movement acceleration benefit afterwards affray kills; Acreage Agent's +20% movement acceleration benefit afterwards entering adumbration stance; dejected or amethyst fragment movement acceleration bonus.