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​FortNite - Minimum PL120 in high-end Twine PLEASE

news Apr-16-2019

​FortNite - Minimum PL120 in high-end Twine PLEASE

As we all know, the xp addict has abounding the PL100 missions with afkers, leechers, griefers, and acutely amateur players (who do things like draft up allurement tunnels, etc.).

I REALLY REALLY achievement that allotment of the adversity admission to Twine Peaks will add an breadth with PL120 MINIMUM, Fortnite Items as this is the new blow aloft which the majority of the players in actuality wish to PLAY the game, and accept how to do so.

Edit: Yes, acutely PL is not a absolute indicator. There are PL130's who are abhorrent and PL90's who are fantastic. I alone appeal this as it's something that could calmly be implemented now. Acutely we allegation some affectionate of appraisement arrangement to edger out the bad players from our lobbies. But as we've been allurement for that for over a year, I'm bold that will never happen.

Edit2: I accede 100% that the best way to break this botheration is to add appropriate abandoned missions of accretion adversity (whether that's SSD's or something else). This is the alone way to ensure that players apprentice how to play the bold afore advancing. I just apperceive there is no way ballsy is traveling to do that. All of their decisions over the accomplished year+ accept been affective in the adverse direction. We can dream admitting I guess.

To those whining about "gatekeeping": Progression is a FUNDAMENTAL basic of what makes video amateur fun. I like abounding added humans adulation this bold and wish to accumulate arena it for a continued time to come. If you architecture the bold such that all players bound adeptness "end game", afresh there is no added progression, no added acquirements and growing in skill, no challenges to affected and get that activity of satisfaction. The bold loses players and dies. I do not wish that to happen!

Twine 6 SSD is 100pl monsters right?

Take a bifold Album defense, accomplish it 100pl as harder as a accumulation active and crave humans to abandoned it. It's an cold aegis that requires you to accept architecture adeptness and to advantage bold mechanics to do it abandoned with a acceptable bulk of upgraded traps; solo, no defenders allowed.

Pl 120 is not a accomplishment gate, is a time aboideau and will just admonition you get aback into the ''safe heaven'' breadth there is no afkers. You are allurement for a safe abode to hide, not for a convalescent bold state, because aural three months those plaguing Twine now will be there and you will be at this point already afresh in a ''harder environment'' too. Sure, it's an simple fix, which apparel your needs at accident of new players. The accepted accompaniment of the bold is bad, absolute bad, i just leveled through Plank and Canny the endure months and assurance me if i say, one fourth of the amateur abject is afkers/leechers. I was not award humans to play and those that i begin were afkers a lot of of the times. It was a animation of beginning air to acquisition afresh humans in actuality aggravating to play the bold in Twine, the accepted Twine accompaniment is a amphitheater compared to Canny and Plank. 

You are basically adage to guys like me to abandoned my next 20 to 30 adeptness levels afore i can get in.

Let me ask you something: did you accept to abandoned so abounding of your Twine missions? Because you apperceive that is what is traveling to appear to humans like me if OGs are all affective into a college gated zone. I had to abandoned endure bisected of Canny story, i had to abandoned about all of my Canny SSDs and all of Twine SSDs. I am accomplishing one PL a anniversary now, maybe two due to evo mats; so you are allurement me to save all those and not play annihilation new advancing out, just to try and blitz already added out of hell, this is in actuality what you are allurement for.

Ban waves---->incentives to apprentice the game---->game adeptness test---->healthier community.