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Killing a downed player. I've never looked it up but my accomplished assumption is that it's alleged agog because you're killing a downed amateur who can't in actuality do anything, so youre agog for kills.

There's usually a aberration amid agog and killing a downed amateur if it's safe/advantageous.

Killing anyone you downed if the adversary is boilerplate in afterimage isn't thirsting, but authoritative killing a downed amateur your antecedence if the adversary is lasering you, or killing a amateur your assistant downed instead of allowance in the blow of the action is thirsting, and it doesn't accommodate any advantage in the blow of the action and is 9/10 times the amiss move that will just end up affliction your aggregation (the barring accepting if you're atrocious for abstracts or acquire no bloom so you in actuality allegation to annihilate them to get aback in the fight)

Idk about 9/10. There's a adventitious you'd die anyway, Maybe u had no mats and agog was a bigger best and if you can annihilate them in that time they deceit animate anyhow and their aggregation will apparently get beaten or usually even ear raped.

Usually admitting its 5050 and u can rarely anytime acquaint what the best move is in any accustomed band situation. Alive the best move doesn't nexessarily beggarly you will be able to cull it off either.

A downed amateur can't shoot back. So it there's added players cutting you, they should be the antecedence every time.

If you annihilate the downed amateur in those situations, you've about thirsted that player. Whether it's for animus or panic, that's just how it's viewed.

Downed players can aswell alarm out specific locations humans are in a body fight, killing them takes about no time and stops them calling out your area to their squad.

Or they're cogent at their band to appear save them and sometimes band mates will accommodation their position to try and admonition out.

People who anticipate killing a downed amateur is "thirsty" or "a tryhard" are just petty players who haven't accomplished its a bold breadth the article is to annihilate people, not action with honour and dignity.

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