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​FortNite - Just powered up my added computer with a SSD

news Apr-12-2019

​FortNite - Just powered up my added computer with a SSD

Epic amateur launcher takes an aeon to amend even on a SSD because afterwards every book it seems to verify the accomplished accession aisle rather than at the begining and/or the end of download.

Just powered up my added computer with a SSD so I had to download the 8.30 update, Fortnite Items and assumption what, for the humans that in the column I've opened a while ago asked me to "use my SSD"...

When Fortnite downloads any patches, columnist the "Downloads" button on the launcher, there you will see this abstracts (translating from spanish by my own):

- Fortnite (update percentage).

- Download.

- Read.

- Write.

- Operations / Task.

A application can be disconnected into "packets", anticipate on them like accepting several pieces of files of an update, anniversary amend is disconnected on several files mainly to abstain book bribery if the download stops due any acumen such as abolition or connection drop.

The affair is that... you may apprehension how the launcher stops "Download", "Operations" and "Write" but not "Read" a lot of times, this is acceptable because the Launcher is programmed to verify and maybe alter files on the accession aisle after accept downloaded every packet, afresh applies the packet and abide downloading the blow of packets, repeating the aforementioned action afterwards download accession one.

So, on an about 7GB update, instead of altogether could yield beneath than 10 annual to update, the bold takes over 30 annual even on a SSD hardware, acceptation that the affectionate of accumulator you use is UNRELEVANT for this launcher.

Console platforms doesn't accept this issue. This is absolute to PC application Epic Amateur Launcher.

Consoles doesn't accept the aforementioned action of amend & analysis than in PC, there, if the download is chock-full due any reason, the download may still be resumed afterwards any affair appropriately not acute any action of analysis added than know the accustomed application adaptation to alpha downloading the appropriate ones.

Major botheration of that is, brainstorm if a individual 150mb amend is disconnected into 5 or ten packets and Epic Launcher is accomplishing a abounding analysis afterwards every 50mb downloaded... the amend time can altogether be added by x10 or more...


EDIT: The a lot of awe-inspiring of aggregate is that afterwards downloaded 146 of 148mb update, you may see how the launcher chock-full download but is Reading 64mb/s and writting 284mb/s during added than ten minutes... I mean... WHAT THE FUCK IS DOING THE LAUNCHER ACTING LIKE IT JUST DOWNLOADED 50GB OF UPDATE WITH A 146MB PATCH?


I'm annoyed to accept to delay even 10 annual OR MORE for a individual 150mb amend due how bad programmed Epic Launcher is.

As I said before, the analysis action should be taken either at the begining, or at the end, but not afterwards every packet downloaded.

I've acclimated Chargeless Updaters on claimed projects programmed by beginners afterlight abundant bigger than this alone updater programmed by a multicoinsonaire company. I don't anticipate that a launcher acclimated by ally of added bold companies should work like "also accepting in aboriginal access" state.

Gonna column this exact affair on the added subreddit, because this is badly antic and shameful.