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Feb-13-2019 Categories: news

Ragnarok, Explosive Assassin, and abounding added melee-focused heroes and weapons are awesome! Amuse accord some adulation to them and nerf a bit those crust furnishings which about armament us to go consistently ranged. Do a Monster Effect's "Rework" too!

I just had the crazy abstraction of accession Ragnaroks akin to 50 and acclimated him on PL100... he's absolute awesome.

Explosive Assassin Ken became aswell one of my fav characters, and I'm talking of accepting about consistently a TEDD greenhorn or Special/Comando soldier.

I REALLY adore a lot added all the melee-focused subclasses, abnormally those I've mentioned above, and aswell Syd, Syd is just Beast.

But if I do assertive missions, I just can't use any of them, because of those things:

- Attributes crust clarification (and bugging) my energy.

- Deathbursts massacring me.

- "Stormbursts" (nature+deathburst=massive accident (and bug) of energy, seems that we can now go beneath 0 admitting the applicant not assuming so).

- Ending kissing the attic everytime unless we grab a gun, because we can't use our affray skills.

Please, afterwards Hero Rework, do aswell a "Monster Aftereffect Rework", they aswell in fact needs it, distinctively nerfing or even deleting abounding of those furnishings which makes us vulnerable. Nature-husks abandoned are already a daydream with the aimbotted rangers, we don't charge added nerfs.

Oh and please, accomplish those Riot crust absorber breakable, because hell, how can they even abstain admission accident with a Fridge door? Are they armored smashers in reality? Jesus christ. A bit of mercy. Would be amazing breach those bouncer with a bang for example.

A affair is accomplish the difficult harder, which is good, but addition affair is ruin absolutely affray weapons and heroes!