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Sep-07-2018 Categories: news

Ok your apparently kinda ailing and annoyed of audition these cube theories, but accept to this one.

Everyone has been aggravating to bulk out breadth the cube is headed, some are adage Shifty Shafts, and others are adage Boodle Lake, but the administration the cube seems to be affective seems to be random, until now.

My approach dates all the way aback to the meteor from division 3/4. That's what started all of this.

The meteor was spotted in the sky, got closer, destroyed Dusty Depot afterward the name Dusty Divot, and there was a section complete of the meteor which captivated the abominable Visitor who started all of this, fortnite Items for sale causing the rocket to actualize a aperture in the sky, which concluded up closing with the lightning that formed the Cube.

Dusty Divot seems to be the answer, and I'm absolute it's traveling there. Remember that column on the abstracts files on the Cube? Remember how one of the abstracts commands complex the chat “lake” at the end?

People were apperception that it had to absorb Boodle Lake. But what if it didn't.

I apperceive this may assume a bit adopted but, I anticipate the cube is traveling to somehow alteration Dusty Divot into a lake.

Think about it for a second, Dusty Divot has the cartography to become a lake, and maybe (another adopted abstraction that seems abominable improbable) it'll cesspool the baptize from Boodle Basin and go into Dusty Divot, and forth with a new POI for Boodle Lake.

Well there's my theory. Let me apperceive what you anticipate about and acquaint me about yours. Do you accede or disagree with me? I'd like to apperceive your thoughts and be absorbed in your own theories, or maybe add on to mine.

What would be the purpose in axis Dusty into a lake? Appealing abiding a lot of of us abhorrence Boodle Basin and wish it to change lol. Why would ballsy accomplish an even bigger, added lake?

The divot could be the abode of beginning gameplay mechanics. Admitting in the antecedent division we were able to yield hop rocks to jump about the divot low gravity, maybe about-face it up to an underwater website instead, apery the gameplay of the anti force and instead implementing it beneath baptize to accept swimming/diving.

Only affair to aback this up would be the actuality that they do blend about with the bold in that way, and there are amphibian banknote as well. May be crazy to bandy out there but that's my two cents.