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Oct-31-2018 Categories: news

People who are ambitious that the 35 chargeless tiers get taken abroad from people. Anticipate about how harder it would be to do just for two seconds. I'm ailing of seeing these posts of apprenticed kids so let me address it out for you.

It's not just tiers that are in play here. The action canyon has XP boosts, acquaintance xp boosts, approved xp, v bucks.

People accept been arena with the xp boosts they becoming from this for a few canicule now.

You apprehend them to calculation how abounding xp they should accept if they didn't alleviate that accurate tier? Should they yield abroad the added xp their accompany may accept earned?

Then we accept v bucks. Lots of humans apparently already spent the action canyon v bucks they may accept becoming from this bug. Do they get their banknote taken abroad as well? How is that fair?

My acquaintance was 100 abbreviate on a derma so he was gonna buy a 1000 backpack to buy the bunny skin. But acknowledgment to this bug he apart 100 extra. What happens here? Does he just get fucked out of a skin?

And lastly, humans are allurement to accord EVERYONE 35 chargeless tiers. This is just absurd. Ballsy already absent bags of money acknowledgment to this. Do you in fact apprehend a aggregation to ambition to lose even more?

Not to acknowledgment messing about with the database to abolish those tiers could accept a ton of un-foreseen consequences.

I apprehend the annoyance of humans who absent this bug. I in fact do, but ballsy not accomplishing annihilation about it makes absolute sense. Humans just are too affronted to anticipate for 2 seconds.

Not gonna lie i get off plan about if the challenges alpha and i was like. Huh which of these is the easiest of all and i was like i could acreage and instantly die at these locations aboriginal and try and bullwork out others later.

All of a abrupt tiers were like bruhhhh you accept opened the angelic grail.

I was traveling to play the endure bold for that day, I arrested the challenges and saw that the new fortnitemares challenges had appear so I anticipation let's get some challenges done, completed a few and got 15 tiers anticipation that something was amiss and arrested the next challenge, saw the 200 Action Stars, Fortnite Items for sale completed the claiming and got addition 20 tiers.

I knew it was a aberration on Epic's ancillary and that it would be a blend to yield the tiers back.