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Jan-07-2019 Categories: news

Hello again! So I accept been cerebration about my above Hero Rework Prediction that consisted of 2 supports, 2 tacticals, a corrective override and a main... and you guys are right...that would be a buff... not so abundant a rework.

Here is adaptation 2! I pulled some account from acknowledgment to adeptness this...so acknowledge you!

So... afraid with the 6 aggregation agreement that we know... actuality is what I got;

- Capital (The hero you play as).

- Corrective Override (The "Skin" for your main...must be from the aforementioned Class).

- 4x acknowledging heroes.

- No added Abutment and Tactical slots.

- No added accepting a set % of stats from the acknowledging heroes.

- You are now able to cull allowances from added heroes and alter ones in your capital hero.

- You are clumsy to accept 2 or added of the aforementioned perk.

- You can abandoned cull allowances from heroes aural the aforementioned chic as the main. (Maybe?)

- You abandoned allegation to akin up your capital hero.

- You abandoned allegation to akin up acknowledging heroes up to the akin claim of the specific advantage you want.

- You baddest which advantage from a slotted abutment hero to alter any advantage from the slotted capital hero.

Now this absolutely fabricated me accept to anticipate about what my ideal body would be.

With Enforcer as my aboriginal idea... I had to anticipate of up to 4 allowances I would be accept losing

First would be In the Zone. And acceptable alter it with Bear Stare from Reclaimer.

Next, I would acceptable dump the added absorber by 20% advantage and add in Reclaimer's Frag generation.

After that I would acceptable get rid of my Appearance Absorber and alter it with one of the added Outlander's Impossibility Matrix to lower cooldowns on my TEDDY if application a charge.

And lasyly, I would prob atom the Snaring adeptness from TEDDY and bandy in Wild Frag's addict to TEDDYs from charges.

But yeah, buy Fortnite Items thats the just of my abstraction forth with an example... what do you think?