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​FortNite - Frostnite Dream Team

news Jan-11-2019

​FortNite - Frostnite Dream Team

I've been arena a lot of Frostnite lately, and cerebration about ideal band compositions. Because I play about in fact abandoned and haven't been able to analysis anything, I'm just traveling off of what I've apparent plan well, Fortnite Items for myself and squad-comp wise. Rather than traveling into specifics about abject strategy, we'll just accept that allurement tunnels are accepting created in the adapted places, and either congenital or upgraded in fact or mostly by the Architect for absolute ability while the Outlander(s) augment them materials.

Here's my two account for Frostnite Dream Teams:

- Abundant Base

- Dire

- Reclaimer (shamrock or fragment flurry)

- RMadden

First anniversary or so arena I was alive reclaimer exclusively, accident after-effects with constant teddy and turret adjustment interspersed with abiding shock architecture for mobs. Reclaimers can put out an bulk of accident that's sometimes even annoying in approved missions as they'll hog all the kills and accomplish bases useless, but in Frostnite they're amazing and abundant bare for afterwards waves. Any dream aggregation should accept one, I think.

Lately I've been accepting adequate success alive Forester Beetlejess (with forester deadeye abutment slot) though, and accepting a blast. Appearance about-face allows for added able absolute and bluglow farming, and with all her pistol allowances I annihilate smashers crazily bound with my Endure Word. A lot of matches I'll end up on (unofficial) committed smasher/mist monster duty, phasing about the action abolition any smasher bound to not abandoned save the from accessible smashes but to just acquiesce the aggregation to focus on added things, and not decay 20 abnormal angry a smasher with analogously characterless weapon damage.

Heavy Abject because a Architect is capital for absolute ability in architecture and advance structures and the accident attrition accepted by BASE for extenuative builds from smashers and propane husks, and Heavy's mega-BASE and overclocked accessories advice a lot with afterwards waves. Alternatively, Machinist because although she lacks mega-BASE, her Supercharged Accessories are amazing, abnormally for backward bold bright and accepting through the added difficult after-effects like the Taker and Smasher-heavy ones.

Dire because he can acreage bluglow and chests like an complete demon, and is adaptable abundant to survive the a lot of acute situations in the afterwards after-effects while still accepting able to add bluglow as needed. I've apparent abounding a Dire clamp late-game after-effects by just bouncing around, alienated all the brume monster attacks, and befitting the boiler alive.

Alternate version:

- A mega-base architect (placing the BASE centrally)

- Machinist (placing BASE per beachcomber on the ancillary accepted to get hit the hardest)

- Reclaimer (teddy+shock OP, and at atomic one Outlander is bare for absolute farming)

- Either Dire or Forester (bluglow speed-farming and application advancement to survive if others fall)

My third abstraction would be just:

- Architect (cuz)

- Reclaimer (OP)

- Reclaimer (OP X 2?!?)

- RMadden/Dire (bluglow farming, clamp survival)

What's your Frostnite dream team, or aggregation agreement idea(s)?