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Sep-12-2018 Categories: news

Fortnite badly needs a application or two absolutely committed to acclimation the issues we currently accept (A la operation bloom in Siege).

For those of you who don't know, Operation Bloom was a division of Rainbow 6 Siege area the developers absolutely focused their efforts on acclimation aloft bugs, convalescent bulk gameplay mechanics, and acclimation weapon metas.

Normally, Siege adds 2 new operators every 3 months, but they didn't add 2 new ones that division because the bold was in a absolute bad state.

Fortnite needs something agnate to this, and they allegation it soon. With COD and Battlefield absolution activity royales soon, fortnite will accept 3 competitors instead of one.

Players, abnormally aggressive players, will leave the bold if it is blowzy with bugs and bad mechanics.

Things that allegation to be improved/fixed in this academic patch:

Optimization. Every back division 5 began, players accept been experiencing absolute bad FPS drops (even players with top of the band PCs). This goes doubly so for animate players.

On Xbox, sometims the map fails to bulk in. Traps achieve you benumb for a second. I can go on.

Audio. Its not in actuality a abstruse that the audio in this bold is horrible. It's abundantly harder to acquaint whether anyone is up or down. That shouldn't happen.

Controller burning alteration and button mapping: Ambassador players allegation an advantage for burning alteration and customizable button bindings.

Connection issues. Players accept been experiencing affiliation issues for a while now. its absolute attenuate you dont get at atomic one ping fasten these days.

Also, abounding players on NA-East accept accomplished all-inclusive increases in boilerplate ping, about accepting 50+ ms added than what they acclimated to.

Competitive amateur will not leave afterwards ballsy appear 10 actor in cost money for the fall.

But I accede with your above point I abandoned accept they should alternating amid one agreeable application and one committed acclimation bugs/optimizing patch.