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​FortNite - Epic has got to change something

news Apr-15-2019

​FortNite - Epic has got to change something

So endure night I was apathetic and absitively to accompany a PWO into a accomplishment the survivors mission. Arise the end of the mission a PL 98 asked if anyone would advice with his Braid SSD 5. I afresh asked him if it was trapped alone because I tend not to advice with Braid SSDs unless they are trapped. I accept that Fortnite Items if you are in Braid afresh you should at atomic apperceive how to set up some tunnels.

So fast assiduously to the SSD...I was initially agnostic because he absitively to use a ninja body instead of a architect abject build. Able-bodied I accompany and candidly acquisition myself searching at the affliction braid set up I accept yet to see. I asked him if he capital some tips because candidly if responded with "no lets just run it absolutely quick" afresh I would accept biconcave out appropriate there.

- All of his Amps we body about and characterless tunnels in anniversary direction. (I let this accelerate because some humans don't apperceive that agreement a assertive Amp will cut off spawns in assertive directions.)

- The guy didn't accept any gas accessories up he acclimated alone beam electric fields. He said that he alone afresh acquired the schematic...not too big of a deal.

- He aswell had individual pyramids over his structures (I affected to add addition band to assure from lobbers). I asked him if he knew what a lobber absorber was and he said he has heard of them but didn't apperceive how to body them (probably the easiest affair about storm shields). I proceeded to appearance him one.

- Instead of bank dynamos he acclimated bank lights...his acumen accepting that he doesn't accept the schematic. (I alone never absolutely use bank lights...its not my appearance but I apperceive their use).

- On the Amp in the south east bend he alone congenital about the Amp with one adit to the south application bank lights, beam electric fields, and attic spikes (not wooden). I told him that he would get attacked from the east ancillary as able-bodied (which he did). So I placed some tunnels and a launcher adit to beating them into the pit (not abiding what to alarm it but its the attic launcher, bank launcher, and the admission on top..super easy) he said he hasn't anytime congenital a adit like this and he didn't accept the schematic for the attic and bank launcher.

I approved not to be a jerk about the accomplished bearings by adage that this isn't your accountability its Epics. I alone mentioned the point that humans are now hasty to get to a college PL afterwards accepting the schematics they need...I didn't say that they aswell bare the ability on how to appropriately trap. He said yeah "I ambition that they would accept added the bulk of change abstracts too. (Oh God, Epic, Amuse don't...Its the alone affair preventing anybody from accepting into higher levels)

I don't apperceive but in the end I helped him accomplishment it but something has got to change. These humans are accepting into top akin Braid with no ability of tunneling. It candidly looked like a rushed Plankerton build.