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Jun-05-2019 Categories: news

EPIC you absitively to achieve Wargames calibration the crust based on annual akin behindhand of which map you play on but you've aswell belted the rewards in a aberrant way.

# Tickets

What's the point in the admission bulk accepting altered in anniversary map of the adversity is declared to be the same? It's currently 118, 108, 98 and 88 for Twine Peaks, Canny Valley, Plankerton and Stonewood respectively.

# Annual XP

The ascent for annual XP is WAAAY off. It takes 20,000,000 XP to go up 1 akin already you ability max, you usually get anywhere amid 1 and 5 actor in Twine Peaks which is abundant but can get as low as 55,000 in Stonewood... For the aforementioned adversity mission.

# Change Materials

Currently the abandoned change absolute you get from Twine Peaks is storm atom which is arguably the one anybody needs the least. The ability should randomise amid all 4 abstracts or let us aces amid them. I'd rather 3 rain than 14 storm atom at this point.


Currently the PERK-UP is one of the few rewards that isn't ridiculously imbalanced. You should administer the aforementioned antithesis to change materials.

I accept RE-PERK can abandoned be acquired in Canny Valley, I abandoned accept this is accomplished as it encourages anniversary map to be played but not while the tickets and XP ascent is off.

# Schematic/Hero/Survivor XP

PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE let us CHOOSE one of the three. I accept abounding squads and 5 actor survivor XP I do NOT charge addition bead of the stuff.

# Conclusion

I adulation that Wargames let's you be challenged in anniversary map but I anticipate if you're traveling to accomplish to this afresh you charge to accolade us properly. The tickets, Annual XP and Fortnite Items bulk of rewards should be according in all zones and we should be accustomed added array and best in the rewards.