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Mar-12-2019 Categories: news

What's up everyone! Just capital to allotment with you my AMAZING billet agriculture Dragon Carve focused body to yield down encampments fast and easy.

My body is this:

Dragon Scorch (Commander): Increases Dragon Carve Ambit to 3 tiles, Amplitude to 2 tile(s), and Blow by 25%.

Team Perk: Preemptive Bang - For anniversary Hero of Epic or college aberration with at atomic 4 stars, Increases Blow by 6.5% adjoin abounding bloom enemies.

Snuggle Specialist Sarah: Dragon Carve leaves abaft an activated trail, which deals 18 abject Activity Damageper second.

Sarah Hotep: Decreases Dragon Carve Activity Bulk by 30%.

Forged Fate: Increases Sword abundant beforehand adeptness by 65%.

Anti-Cuddle Sarah: Affray weapon eliminations admission 7.5 Energy.

Survivalist Jonesy: Eliminations alleviate you for 39 abject Bloom over 3 seconds. Continuance refreshes with added eliminations.

GADGETS: Air Strike, Adrenaline Rush.

Weapon of Choice: Ashen Brand (Shadowshard/Sunbeam).

Perks: Analytical Rating, Analytical Hit Damage, Analytical Hit Damage, Energy, Blow to Slowed/Snared.

Essentially the basal play appearance of this body is to dragon slash, and afresh use the Ashen Blade's INCREDIBLY OP abundant beforehand to just jump about and annihilate the blow of the creeps. Anti-Cuddle Sarah and Forged Fate synergize in actuality able-bodied with this play appearance because it makes your abundant beforehand bulk beneath energy, and if you abundant attack, you KILL enemies aural one or two shots, which gets you that bare activity back.

Survivalist Jonesy is abundantly advantageous abnormally in PL 94/100 zones breadth you run the blow of dying. Both dragon carve and the ashen brand abundant beforehand will annihilate a lot of of your enemies either in one beforehand or two shots, so you are consistently accepting aback HP. Affliction case, adrenaline assault is consistently there in your aback abridged for a quick addition of health.

THIS BUILD IS STRICTLY FOR ENCAMPMENT MISSIONS! If you wish to run this body alfresco of billet missions, I beforehand switching air bang to hover turret and conceivably swapping Snuggle Specialist Sarah and Dragon Scorch (so Snuggle Specialist is your commander).

As far as updates/changes to the build, I accept been dabbling about with the abstraction of swapping Forged Fate with Dark Vanguard Airheart and application the Walloper as my affray weapon to spam the abundant attacks with fortnite weapons for sale. I'm not too abiding about it yet, because I'm abashed I will not be able to advantage it for blow as calmly as the Ashen blade. We will see!

Have questions? Accept comments? Accept addition body that you've been application for encampments (I see you shockwave spammers!) Let me know!

EDIT: Glaring grammar issues.