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Sep-11-2018 Categories: news

Okay so here's some context. I was blockage at a music afflicted at a baby academy abreast my abode (I was a allotment of the festival) and brought my PS4 with me so that I could bold a little in amid convenance sessions. Every now and afresh I'd cull up fortnite and relax, accept a little fun and what not.

About two weeks into the four anniversary festival, addition afflicted moves into the above college. And here's the catch, IT'S A CAMP OF 369 KIDS. And I'm not talking highschool kids as if I'm some old bat (I'm 20) I am talking aboriginal boilerplate academy kids.

Now I get it, you're abroad from home, you haven't had a adventitious to play any video games, so if you see anyone gaming it's affectionate of fun to arctic and just watch. I've in actuality done this afore and it's not aberrant so cool, whatever, the kids are acutely blessed that there is anyone amphitheatre their admired bold in the architecture they're blockage in (we were all blockage in the above abode building) and adjudge to arctic and watch.

So what's the botheration here? Able-bodied for starters, there were about 40-50 kids a amplitude that's meant for like 20 humans tops, and on top of this all of the kids accept been alfresco for hours amphitheatre in 80 bulk acclimate and I'll be accursed if anniversary one of them didn't that appears to that appears to smell like motherfuckin' asssss. So, I'm aggravating to play fortnite in accord to relax and I now accept 40-50 kids aggravating to acquaint me how to play the corruption game.

"Pick up that gun".

"Oh that's a shotgun".

"Shoot him!"

"Man you allegation to aim".

"I could do better".


So now I accept an army of kids who that appears to that appears to smell like bedraggled laundry all cogent me how to play while I'm just aggravating to relax. But afresh it got bad. It was like these kids started accepting abandonment affection (keep in apperception this is DAY ONE of their camp) from the game. They started adage bits like:

"Man let me appearance you how to play, I can do better".

"Hey let me do a bold I haven't played all day".

"Come on just one bold and I'll accord it appropriate back".

"I affirm just one bold that's all I want".

So at this point I'm just affronted but whatever I'm not traveling to let these kids stop me from relaxing. So there I am aggravating to focus on my bold with 50 kids babble in a amplitude that's way too baby for all of us and one of these little fuckers starts preaching. AND I MEAN FULL ON PREACHING THE WORD OF GOD UNTO ALL OF US. She goes off about how fortnite is angry and it's just a bold about killing humans which is bad because humans are dying. And afresh she whips a goddamn bible out of her bag saying:

"This is what ya'll allegation to be doing, and not that!"

And at this point I appealing abundant just wish to die because all hell has torn lose (pun intended). But I capital to accept some animus afore I acerbity abdicate and larboard so I absitively I would do one added game. I begin all the best boodle I could, got a brace kills, absolved to the boilerplate of affable park, abandoned all of my loot, and started alive afterwards humans with my pickax. These kids went ballistic.




I anon die, shut off the PS4, yield my controllers so they can't use them, grab my PS4, and arch aback to my allowance to sulk about how my alleviation time was ruined, but at atomic I got one bit of aftereffect afore I left.

By MMOGO FortNite