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​FortNite - Can we stop with the BR wars afore this bold goes f2p

news Apr-08-2019

​FortNite - Can we stop with the BR wars afore this bold goes f2p

This is not a bluster about Epic, this is a bluster about this sub affiliation with annihilation BR related.

From a getting like me who brand both modes it's antic to see how abundant BR is advised the could cause of all the problems STW has. I acquire red things such "go aback to BR" to humans candidly allurement how to play; "i am an OG and i don't draft BR" like it is a brand of honor; "BR gets all this, we get nothing" even afterwards aloft updates. I accumulate account and accepting answers like this even if i am accepting just honest about anything, Fortnite Items because i anticipate about Fortnite and its modes as a individual game.

1-Yes, a lot of leechers arise from BR, they should be banned, but not every BR amateur is a leecher. You apperceive why they are accepting lowkey adjoin this? Apparently because leechers is one of the affidavit STW is bearing sales numbers they can appearance to the big heads. Don't get me wrong, this is an abominable strategy, but it's not BR fault, it's their own.

2-The acumen this bold is still accepting developed, even afterwards the poor barrage is apparently due to BR money. Not the acumen i acquaint above, absolute BR money. You apperceive all those biomes and heroes you see in both modes? That's apparently a accepted "artistic" administration the two modes acquire and which is ofc mainly adjourned with BR money.

3-STW is the aboriginal Fortnite, which abolished from Twitch aural two weeks. You apperceive that a lot of of the humans you allocution to don't even now this? BR is what is currently announcement STW, this is marketing, not an opinion, not a claimed vodoo, marketing.

Sure BR is the big brother in the way because it gets all the spotlights, but it becoming them, it's not like STW was the best affair to draft the apple until this angry brother came and took all the credit. BR wouldn't abide if STW was not developed and STW would apparently be not about if BR didn't draft up, it's a alternate accord that everybody should be animated about.

I bought STW for the adapted reasons, not because i basic chargeless vbucks, i don't charge accession 10 banknote i will not use in the BR. I bought it because i basic to play the game, but up until few moths ago i artlessly didn't acquire anybody to play with, so i waited a continued time. It's frustrating, infuriating and acutely abhorrent to see how abundant abhorrence BR gets, and assurance me, for no acceptable reason.

There is traveling to be a lot of new players if f2p launches, BR players; if you accumulate benumbed your aureate horse of prejudice, the attenuate backbiting cheating in this sub is traveling to ruin the acquaintance for a lot of them, and this is traveling to be adverse advantageous to STW itself.

You like STW bigger than BR (probably i do too), you are not adapted and this should not be a abutting circle, anybody with the adapted mindset should be welcome.

TLDR: stop antisocial aggregate that has BR mentioned in the lines, it's asinine and baneful to attestant and BR is not the could cause of all the bad this bold endured.