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Nov-07-2018 Categories: news

After the acute "Butterfly Event" that happened in Fortnite today, I absitively to anticipate about what could've absolutely happened, how it happened, and what the approaching of Fortnite's artifice could be.

First off, the absolute accident itself was absolute ambagious in itself with us accepting transported to some awe-inspiring white abode that cipher has anytime apparent before Fortnite Items. My belief is that, due to Kevin's adeptness growing to be too strong, the Enforcers that showed up as the cube showed up aback in Division 5, speculated to be the badge of amplitude and time as they are tasked to restore order, couldn't do annihilation to stop Kevin at this point.

This prompted the Enforcers to save all of the players from the adverse accident by creating a breach able abundant to carriage all of the players out of the island. This is added backed up by the experimenting of rifts begin in the underground lab in Wailing Woods in which rifts are accepting experimented on.

This accustomed all of the players in Fortnite to be transported to what i'll alarm the "multiverse." The acumen to this is the aglow orbs amphibian about the absolute area. Those could've possibly been alternating universes, in which one of them could be the cosmos of the Company that he bare to go home to.

This multiverse access is added backed up by the accident name itself, accepting called the "Butterfly Event", which could be an allusion to the butterfly effect, thus, is the acumen why there's alternating universes, anniversary with a altered aftereffect of altered choices and scenarios.

The breach collywobbles could've a lot of acceptable been allotment of the Enforcers conception while experimenting with rifts. These collywobbles transported the players to an alternating cosmos in which the Enforcers chock-full Kevin afore it was too late.

A counterargument could be that it was just a acting rift; however, the access that Kevin created was way too massive to actualize such little accident to the Fortnite island, appropriately added abetment up the "alternate universe" theory. If this access is true, afresh I a lot of acceptable anticipate that division 7 will dabble added with the alternating cosmos concept.

Also, if this access is true, this could be addition acumen for the "worlds collide" affair in division 5, in which alternating universes collided, which was acquired by the Company aggravating to acknowledgment aback to his universe, bringing Kevin and the Enforcers into the situation.

Again this is just a theory, so don't apprehend it to be "confirmed info." If you accept any added acknowledging affirmation to aback this access up, or if you anticipate something abroad could've happened, let me apperceive in the comments as it would advice all of us bare the abstruseness abaft the Butterfly Event.

In abbreviate text, the kevin accident was air-conditioned to watch but such a absurd event. We waited months for the cube to go about and do its affair and all we got was a air-conditioned accurate accident and afresh annihilation absolutely happened. Now we are aback in aboveboard one with nothing.