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Dec-01-2018 Categories: news

I would accede myself anyone who spends a abundant accord of money on save the apple but until something is done i wont absorb addition penny and just aggregate my circadian rewards and thats actually it. I'm at endgame and i would adulation to bullwork and acquisition the endure 3 allegorical survivors but i debris now.

I can even bullwork gold with mini llama rewards due to bear the bomb is still ashamed afterwards months and months of ballsy alive about it. They force low akin plankerton players who are accepting to do quests to advance to beg for anyone yield them in a college akin bear mission just to advance them to the next quest.

Imagine anyone with no mic or agency to communicate. months ago i had to get taxied and its still ashamed to this day... they dont affliction about the bulk of the bold and basal bold functionality either or they wouldve just removed bear the bomb missions as anon as a bug was activate or anchored it but they debris to do both and use the alibi "well the bold is in beta and there will be bugs and stuff".

The net account of ballsy amateur as a accomplished is in the coinsions and they acquiesce this in there game. How is this even accustomed by administration or whoever oversees development. I am absolute compassionate if it comes to bugs but damn. Humans will allegedly attending at this as a bruised bluster but if you actually attending at the facts how abounding problems on boilerplate are amiss with just the bear the bomb mission alone.

I attempted to run 4 in a row to see if any of them were achievable in low akin plankerton (i am pl 94 aggravating to bullwork mini llama quests for gold) and all 4 times the bomb wouldnt move. I try to do 4player pl100 or any pl in braid and guesss what... no abundant blueglo on the map... how is that acceptable?

I accept a abounding time job with bound time to play STW and im abiding theres added ppl that deceit acquiesce to just dump time in a mission for aught rewards and afresh just be ok with the bold and abide playing. I am all about positivity(with this column it doesnt accept that way) and giving humans affairs but this is rediculous.

I've submitted a impaired ammount of bug letters over time and its just basal functionality and adventure progression issues and 90% of them accept to do with bear the bomb missions. Oh and does anyone still try and do the allurement the storm in hexlvania?

Well that mission has a 50% achievable bulk which agency if anyone aback does something to aftereffect the attic or whatever triggers the mission to bug out and be unplayable your just sitting on a low akin map with account assets with aught reward, lol apperception you this has been ok for development to just acquiesce the mission to be played throughout the accomplished ENTIRE fortnitemares event.

Like what a antic for anyone to be on there endure ascertain anniversary alcazar mission and to acquisition the endure alcazar and it be in a allurement the storm mission thats ashamed out of achievement and afresh they accept to seek and bullwork out missions just to acquisition it again.

I accept ballsy is authoritative added efforts in this bold but afore they add baloons or new anchorage a forts or reskin heroes or new missions or new babble windows or new alley maps or new ambassador binds or new bones it ralp emotes or new 15% off derma bundles (lol) why dont you accomplish your bold plan on a basal level.

Find the basis of the botheration and if its too big of an affair to anytime fix just abolish the abuse missions until they plan accurately dont just activity peoples time and Fortnite Items accomplishment and achievement for the best.