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Sep-09-2018 Categories: news

First, let me acquaint you this - i achievement that is accomplished for everyone, im not a reddit user normaly. I just feel like to appear out with this, and you can yield this as you wont eller leave. It's all fine. This is my acquaintance about save the apple and i accept accession humans maybe accept anouther experience.

Alright, so i've been arena save the apple for about 30 canicule now. I came from BR and i capital to acquire some chargeless fast Vbucks for the banknote in BR.

And i now alot of you guys cerebration about affairs SWF for the Vbucks, so let me acknowledgment some of you guys Questions.

- How abundant Vbucks accept i acquire from 30days of arena STW? Answer: about 6000+ so fare.

- Is it a fun bold to play.? ANSWER: YES! it's actally appealing fun to play if you like cutting amateur like me, and you like to avert a abject with accessories and stuff.

So like me allocution a little bit about how the amateur is that is REALLY annyiong, aboriginal of all.

There is ALOT, and i beggarly ALOT of kids in this game, and alot of these kids are trolling retards and traveling afk in a "house" they bulid. The afk'ing in this STW is in actuality in fact bad and i in actuality dont accept why EPIC doenst do annihilation about it. It seems like advertisement in this bold is a joke. anyway, if you assuredly acquisition humans to play with that is not afk it is a in actuality fun bold to play.

Another affair that is in actuality annyiong about this bold is that about every amateur accept a accessible mic and these kids accept a mic like they bought for 10euro's in the bounded store, in actuality blight kids and alot of loud noise, so what i've done is to about-face off articulation babble completely. Appealing sad, i like to allocution to humans and so on, but its so bad in this bold that i accept to about-face off the articulation babble in settings. I in actuality dont wish to aphasiac about every amateur in every game, its accepting annyoing.

So, if you can handle trolls and afk and annyoing kids and just focus on your on allotment or you like to play clandestine instead of public, its a appealing fun bold and you can for abiding accomplish ALOT of chargeless Vbucks. I've not been arena BR afterwards i in actuality got into save the world, for me, BR is so arid appropriate now and i've played aback division 1.

So now im on save the apple and i even use all my vbucks on affairs llamas to upgrade. So yea, rip battel royale for me i guess. but, im animated they fabricated a BR from save the apple added astute i would not apperceive annihilation about save the apple in the aboriginal place.

I apperceive my english is appealing bad, but i in actuality wish to acquaint all the BR players how save the apple is alive cuz i apperceive there is alot of humans cerebration about affairs the game for cheap Fortnite Items. I bought it for the vbucks and now im arena abandoned save the apple because i concluded up affection the bold abundant added than BR.

If you accept annihilation to ask me for, i will try to acknowledgment them as best as i can.