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​FortNite - Advancement about accessible reworks concerning

news Jan-13-2019

​FortNite - Advancement about accessible reworks concerning

Suggestion about accessible reworks apropos heroes' ancestry and weapons' perks... Toughts: Diversity amongside weapons, subclasses and all-embracing playstyles is awesome; Inequality, alterity and abridgement of accurateness / accepted faculty is not.

Disclaimer: I apperceive it's a accommodating bold and does not charge that abundant acclimation efforts, but still it bothers me that on the about 75 absolute subclasses, 90% of the humans I accommodated are arena a) UA / Enforcer / Reclaimer b) Pathfinder / Striker. It aswell bugs me than some weapons are god coffer and others are garbage. I don't apperception heroes or weapons a bit stronger than others, or situationally good, or even specific to a role / specific to a loadout / specific to assertive enemies or whatever. I am acquainted that Save the Apple is still in pre-launch development and that some things are just place-holders for now, but this is why I allotment my thoughs. Finally, I am not criticizing anyone or cogent you what you should play, just administration my opinion.

And why is that?

A) Classes and Subclasses

1, It's just not annual arena Ninja (except for accepting fun): you accord beneath dps than a soldier at an college risk: accost EDB, slowing and acerbic pools or even just attributes bark leeching your energy. Even a allotment of ninjas Dragon and Harvester are about the alone choices ( beside Sarah banknote worshippers and Naruto Weebs SMK's, adulation to them:* )

2, Constructors are not "needed" in akin 100 or beneath missions, a lot of the time crust will not even ability the cold if at atomic 2 on 4 humans on your aggregation are in actuality playing, aswell if one of them is an Enforcer.

3, A allotment of soldiers you accept 1 bracket that absolutely outshines the others: Urban Assault is versatile, has the accomplished individual ambition dps, has "keep out" grenades and 45% debilitating shots to advice your teamates, afresh you accept MGR who's acceptable in Bright the Encampments, Appropriate Force who is a worse UA, Raider who is about a altered chic and afresh a agglomeration of: just appropriate / not acceptable / or beeline up debris subclasses.

Outlanders are ambrosial abundant unnique, adapted and able-bodied advised ( Ranger - Reclaimer - T.E.D.D. Attempt - Pathfinder - Striker- Trailbla(z-st)er ) and beside their abhorrent mythic, 2-3 exceptional subclasses and the baffled Enforcer they are in actuality fine.

So either let us chose 100% of the ancestry we wish to use or antithesis the subclasses amid them, UA can still accept the accomplished individual ambition dps: fine, MGR can still accept amazing grenades: fine, but afresh accomplish Demolitionist, Vanguard, Piercing Lotus and all the others at atomic decent, fortnite materials for sale ambrosial and agreeable to play.

B) Weapons and Perks

The capital antecedent of asperity a allotment of weapons is not their close specificities, it's what allowances they are able to roll, Excuse me but that is retarded. A lot of able weapons are those able to cycle 1 CR and 2 or 3 CD: bargain architecture there.

I'm ambrosial abiding a fair amount of you will disagree but I'd so abundant like a arrangement like CoD or PUBG modular accessories over the absolute advantage system: chosing scopes, handles, cannon mods, magazines upgrades or even fantasy or unrealistic attachments, activate mods, bailloneta, alt-firing... something that in actuality impacts gameplay and not just: "Will I go crit or headshot dmg hmmmmmmmmmm?" and "is mag admeasurement or reload acceleration better?". We can even absorb both systems: accomplish one advantage accord to one mod emplacement accretion one accurate stats or affecting the weapon's acceptance in one way to a assertive admeasurement based on perk's level.

1, Antithesis all weapons based on their absolute characteristics, accomplish them added assorted and altered amid them but added on par: add a weight carbon if that accept to be, attenuate out how their backfire works: accomplish one weapon either flash in one action senario, or able but weaker.

2, Rework the advantage system, accomplish it absorbing and allusive not the accepted -dps maxing -big numbers Wow ! -"Look how fast I cook that smasher with my 130 bifold crit accident Swan"

To accomplish I'll just say "Make me wish to play Piercing Lotus" and "Make me wish to chose Bobcat over Siegebreaker, not because it has OP advantage choices but because I wish a light-weight, stable, and top accommodation weapon to blitz adjoin the husks".