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Nov-28-2018 Categories: news

I just don't get why on a bold with so abounding heroes and weapons, adjusting your schematics to whatever you wanna do gotta be so expensive.I apperceive that aback in the canicule you couldn't even change the perks, but if you(EPIC) absitively to change that it accept to acquire been for the better.

Right now if you do a lvl 88 accumulation mission with 4x re-perk you will get 128 of them.That agency i charge to re-do the mission 7 times to change 1 advantage out of 5/6 allowances on 1weapon/trap out of hundreds of schematics and at this top akin it just feels wrong.

I can somewhat accept it, but at the aforementioned time, it's in actuality frustrating.

Perks are in actuality what accomplish or breach a weapon, so I can accept it accepting a continued grind.

At the aforementioned time ,it's in actuality big-ticket and annoying. It amount 1000 re-perk to change ONE perk. That's the agnate of at atomic 10 abort the coinset missions bold you're starting from 0. The 4x missions are in actuality a let-down. 4x missions are difficult and yield a lot of assets and time to complete in top PL zones.

So why do you alone get 120 in the 4x missions in Twine Peaks? Humans say to not bullwork out re-perk and just delay for the account store, but that's a account thing. you alone get 2000 per anniversary if you buy it instead of grinding.

You can alone change at a lot of two allowances with that Fortnite Items.

I don't anticipate re-perk should be acutely common, but at the aforementioned time I anticipate something needs to be changed. I'm in actuality annoyed of accepting to bullwork out 10 abort the coinset missions to change ONE advantage for one schematic, if I acquire so abounding schematics that charge to be upgraded and afflicted perk-wise.

A few account that I liked:

1, They abolish the Danger in the Brume chance and instead accolade you re-perk anniversary annular depending on how abounding brume monsters were killed.

2, You can barter perk-up for re-perk.

3, Recycling schematics will accord you re-perk.

4, The chance that crave you to annihilate 300 bark of a assertive aspect accolade you both basal perk-up AND re-perk.