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Did you know, fortnite characters are in actuality abate than your fingernail... All the maths will be in affiliated paragraphs so skip them if you get bored.

Okay so I was apathetic on a hot Sunday afternoon and I absitively to do some maths. (Weird right!). I started off animate out how big the fortnite island is. To do this I ran on collapsed arena beyond a aboveboard on the map and timed it. I afresh took an boilerplate of the three times I did this and Fortnite Items adapted it into minutes.

((45.07+45.05+45.03) ÷ 3 = 45.05 seconds, 45.05s ÷ 60 = 0.7508333333mins.)

I acclimated this advice with the speedometer by Paradise Palms adage that a appearance runs consistently at 12. It doesn't say what assemblage of acceleration but I acclimated mph because it's the a lot of accepted assemblage but I adeptness be mistaken. In which case my whole approach is amiss but anyway, on with the discussion. I afflicted the 12 mph to go with the annual I timed in beforehand into 0.2mpm (miles per minute) and afresh assorted them together. I aswell afresh boxlike it. This afresh told me how abounding miles is in a aboveboard on the map.

(12 ÷ 60 = 0.2, 0.2 × 0.7508333333 = 0.1501666666, 0.1501666666 boxlike = 0.0225500272.)

After that all I bare to do was × this by 100 because there are 100 squares and, Bingo! You accept the breadth of the fortnite map.

(0.0225500272 × 100 = 2.25500272.)

2.25500272 miles. Hmmm... That's in actuality not that big. I afresh anticipation that the humans accept to not be the adapted admeasurement so I investigated. I disconnected the admeasurement of one of the squares by how abounding architecture tiles are in it. This was to see how big one architecture asphalt in actuality was.

(0.0225500272mi ÷ 2401 = 0.0000093919mi, 0.0000093919mi = 1.51147979136cm.)

A fortnite appearance is just beneath than bisected the acme of a architecture asphalt so if you bisected it you get about 0.75cm. The admeasurement of a fortnite character. 0.75cm. Wow. If anyone spots any errors amuse animadversion below. It adeptness be amiss but I had fun accomplishing it so idc.

And I acknowledge the effort, but this is a prime classic of why you can't just algebraic everything, even if the calculations are correct. There's no argumentation at play here.

If a accepting is bisected the admeasurement of a fingernail, how on apple can they run 19mph afterwards demography striding leaps with every step? Bisected a barb is abate than lego man.

Imagine how baby their legs are, and brainstorm how it would be accessible for them to run 19mph afterwards aerial with anniversary step. The FortNite characters acutely run adequately normally, so they can no way be bisected a barb in length.

Not hating, but just an important affair to accede if analytic any botheration involving maths. It's cardinal you don't overthink too much! Footfall aback and yield a attending at the big picture.