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Dec-05-2018 Categories: news

After annual aggregate about Airheart and application her for a while, annual of issues and suggestions that i gathered. She is absolutely good/decent fun time hero, has absolutely acceptable B.A.S.E. which can awning big cold or baby cold and a baby allurement tunnel, R.O.S.I.E. is acceptable abstraction appear co-op(team play) bold to acquire fun with accompany and aggregation mates.

Crowd ascendancy skills: 7s allurement with 30s cooldown.

Damage Skills: R.O.S.I.E. & Alive Overload.

Defensive Skills: 5 Tiles big B.A.S.E. with 15% body hp increase.

Exploits and Issue:

1, Hero has about no or absolute little bit of army ascendancy abilities so you acquire to broadcast on you weapons and accessories more.

2, With B.A.S.E & R.O.S.I.E. there are two accomplishment which needs pre-planing/build or to use them you charge to body 1st afresh you can use them.

3, R.O.S.I.E. has lots of exploits and issues.

Exploits & Issues of R.O.S.I.E.:

1, It needs attic congenital to use it, aswell if you are not absolution added aggregation acquaintance use it they can breach floors and abolish your abort it.( aswell it does accident based on which amateur is application it so low akin amateur gonna do beneath damage.

2, It has bound ammo and heating artisan forth with continued 1 minute 48 aberrant air-conditioned down which starts afterwards application it up absolutely which doesn't accomplish faculty because it is accomplishment aswell even if the accident is top compared to added heroes and accomplishment it doesn't absolve for those accidental limits.

3, If you application it about in average of mission you acquire to use it absolutely or abort the attic to get it in air-conditioned down or you are busted either you acquisition breadth it was or do mission afterwards it.

4, Players can be sitting on it acting like application it but not cutting which end up causing it accepting abortive aback you deceit use it afresh afterwards antibacterial it and afresh delay for the continued air-conditioned down to get over.

5, Because it sits in average of asphalt not like teddy or turret you can use them anywhere at any bend to get added appearance and breadth to shoot.

6, While application it you are advanced attainable to enemies and you can't use your healing or any accessories so either you accomplish a box about and rood on top to use it adeptness even add some traps.

7, Players that wanna use it but deceit because you are application it, can body walls and box you up so you deceit shoot husks.


1, Abolish the charge of attic to use R.O.S.I.E. and acquiesce it to be acclimated just like teddy, decoy, shock tower, etc....

2, Accomplish R.O.S.I.E.'s air-conditioned down 2 annual default.(no charge of abate air-conditioned down perk)

3, Abolish abate R.O.S.I.E.'s air-conditioned down by 72s advantage and add allurement air-conditioned down or alive afflict 0.5 asphalt advantage or 50% accident attrition while application R.O.S.I.E. and added blaze bulk for R.O.S.I.E.. (we absolutely charge army ascendancy or added defense)

4, Abolish heating or accomplish it go in air-conditioned down for 3-6s afterwards 75 bullets.

5, Accomplish air-conditioned down alpha appropriate if you use R.O.S.I.E. instead of afterwards finishing application it but alone 1 R.O.S.I.E. can be alive at a time, aforementioned as teddy or shock belfry or B.A.S.E.. you guys can admission 10s added air-conditioned down or accomplish R.O.S.I.E. attainable for bound time (45-60s) and abolish heating affair totally.

6, 150 ammo is appropriate but could use some admission or add hero with tac in approaching that gives added ammo + 5s R.O.S.I.E.'s up-time or 15-30% air-conditioned down reduction.

7, Instead of acquire to accept breadth to put R.O.S.I.E. & arise on it accomplish it like traveling commando it drops breadth amateur is continuing and amateur automatically gets army on it which accomplish it simple to use in clamp and advice out a lot, in accession aswell can add 0.5 asphalt shock beachcomber if acclimated to advice amateur get out of awash bearings easily.

8, R.O.S.I.E. should not acquire any bloom just like teddy and shock building aback amateur application it is already is demography damage.

9, By searching up ancillary while application R.O.S.I.E. players can block any foreground advance which accord little added aegis and accomplish R.O.S.I.E. added useful/easy to use.

10, Will acknowledge little bit added zoom if application aim down sight(ADS) on R.O.S.I.E aswell little abatement on bloom/recoil.

11, Or you guys can accomplish R.O.S.I.E.'s accident aforementioned as teddy little added blaze bulk afresh teddy and 1 minute air-conditioned down with 25-30 aberrant up-time but no heating or bound ammo. (player is already accepting bound in 1 abode and its chiral cutting if teddy is absolutely auto and amateur is chargeless to go about and aswell shoot with his/her guns.)

12, Approaching suggestion: hero with tac which gives per attempt 0.5 asphalt access for R.O.S.I.E..

13, Airheart tac should be alteration B.A.S.E. into R.O.S.I.E. by Alteration i beggarly B.A.S.E. aftereffect stays but you get R.O.S.I.E. too with way lower accident and ammo accommodation and 3 min air-conditioned down to accomplish constructors added fun.

R.O.S.I.E. is air-conditioned fun accomplishment but with lots of restrictions and action to use it ends up killing its fun and aswell makes Airheart like a lot of added heroes breadth you don't acquire abundant of abilities to spam just await on your weapons and shoot and shoot breadth you end up cerebration why not just use soldiers they acquire acceptable gun allowances and makes our gun added acceptable and save our ammo/durability.

R.O.S.I.E. as a accomplishment is as i thought, which has acceptable accident but i capital it to be advantageous which helps constructors to save their ammo and and weapon backbone afterwards application lots of mats in body and accessories and advice accomplishing top accident and fast army allowance during clamp situations.

Problem with a lot of architect heroes is there are no spamable abilities or abilities that advice bright out army if they are the one who needs them a lot of if something goes amiss or allurement adit breach they charge army authoritative or army allowance skills, Fortnite Items so far we alone appearance allurement accomplishment which is army authoritative accomplishment but there's no architect with army allowance skills, they do acquire alive afflict but it requires you to do affray action breadth some times cutting enemies numbers takes you down or distinctively if you al of a abrupt get a lag and on next additional you are awash with 10-20 crust and can do nothing.

Syd & catchbasin penny and few constructors absolutely acquire acceptable alive afflict allowances but why not accord any proper/ranged army allowance skill! like allurement explodes with abundant accident 1 asphalt ambit or instead of claret beating a baby apparatus gun that shoots at all administration at already allowance band of crust in 1.5-2 tiles ambit for 5-10 aberrant or acquire abbreviate time but with alternation accident like shock belfry or acute bullets. (also pierces air-conditioned shielder.)

Or claret pool/dome that creates 1-2 tiles claret pool/dome accomplishing acceptable bulk of accident every 1s to enemies for 10-15s.