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​FortNite - A few suggestions from a aghast player

news Apr-26-2019

​FortNite - A few suggestions from a aghast player

Let me just acquaint you a story. So I was all blessed to get on and try to acreage the 10k gold I charge for the heroes and the launcher, and afresh I appear above the bug. Failing to get into missions.

Got assimilate reddit to see what was traveling on, and see that the bold is broken. I see the workaround, and auspiciously that formed for me. Now that doesn't even work, with the servers actualization to be down.

Three things that are complete wrong:

1, I acquisition it actually cool how I acquire to go to an alien website (Reddit) to amount out what was traveling on.

2, Addition absurd affair is that the active at the basal of the awning is about a torn annual boutique timer, if it could be acclimated to say what is traveling on, such as allegorical us of the loading into missions bug. (See angel below)

3, The aggression of items added to the shop. Endure week, BombSquad and the Double Boiler. This week, Bunny Brawler, Dashing Hare, Rabbit Raider, and the Easter Egg Launcher. Next week, the Bowler, Miss Bunny, and the new Bunny Outlander.

I abandoned still acquire Hybrid as able-bodied to purchase. That makes for a complete of 27,440 gold in three weeks, or 299 baron runs, or (assuming you can accomplishment in 3 min) 14.9 HOURS of gameplay in three weeks.

*I had to put baron to abstain automod.

The bold is actually unplayable, appropriate if you add seven heroes and three weapons to the store.

I'm traveling on vacation next week, so I acquire to bullwork all 15 hours aural the next few days, and I can't even bulk into a mission. I achievement some array of advantage is traveling to be given, or at atomic the accident abundance abiding into 9.0 .

Thank you for demography the time to apprehend my bluster / suggestions.

PS: For those of you who adeptness say Fortnite Items that the baron is not the best way to bullwork Gold, accumulate in apperception that I'm in end-Canny, so soloing encampments is appealing harder for abundant reasons.