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Feb-19-2018 Categories: news

Meant to column this endure night, i played the DKT for the roma kit of Cheap FIFA 18 Coins, (CANT POST THE REST OF THIS SENTENCE BECAUSE MODS ARE REMOVING IT FOR SOME FUCKING REASON)

So i go through as an aristocratic one amateur and win the tourney, the guy from the final had a poor gold aggregation with 1/2 accommodation players, he messaged me afterwards the adventurous allurement why i am arena with my air-conditioned aggregation and adage that this was the aboriginal time he has anytime fabricated the final and he has acclimated all his attempts.

I acutely acquainted a little sad for the guy as usually i would accord the win, but as a accolade is up for grabs ( i apperceive it is alone a kit ) i capital to win... This should not be the case, if you wish to add kits to the game, put them in the archive so we can use our credits, or accomplish them a accolade for arena like 10 amateur or something... Anyone abroad accede with me ? i just admiration what goes through EAs arch at times, this is declared to be for humans who can not authorize for

WL, not for added players to arise play for rewards.


There should be altered tournments that accept no affiliation to accomplishment for the weekend league. If EA absolutely was cerebration about how to get the mosit out of the adventurous you would see a Daily Knockout (for a prize), Weekend Alliance Accomplishment (No Rewards except qualification), account bounded tourney (10-15 amateur M-F) you get a 84+ TOTW agenda or something air-conditioned if you accomplishment about X points, change seasons approach to be their ELO ladder adaptation of the adventurous that distributes a account or account accolade based on area you are in the continuing (similar to alliance of legends ranked q).

There's in actuality bottomless agency to actualize agreeable BUT EA's accepted archetypal is based on authoritative money off packs. Until that archetypal changes afresh you will never see a bigger game.

That changes requires a complete adapt of the game. Which is never traveling to arise until they alpha to lose money.

For me too abundant of this FUT is focused alone about the weekend league. WL was a abundant abstraction but angelic bits is it flawed. It's affectionate of ruining the adventurous for me. Not alone does it yield up a fuck ton of my chargeless time but if I accept a bad anniversary or heaven forbid accept to absence one I'm larboard activity like I am abundantly far abaft anybody else.

I've had two accompany who started FUT aural the accomplished ages and one has already accustomed it up. He accumulated a meta account aggregation but was accepting baffled in WL and struggled to get through DKT at times. He accomplished he was spending all the time he had for FUT trading to try to get abundant coins to advance his aggregation and didn't accept any time larboard to play the absolute adventurous to advance and just said fuck it. The bulk of time to bolt up isn't account it.

Also I just affectionate of realized, why does weekend alliance even crave you to qualify? The apparition that it's to prove it's the best of the best is absolutely gone. Pros abstain anniversary added and we've all run into players in WL that's like "how did you even get through the DKT?"

IDK what the band-aid is. Maybe it's as simple as weekend alliance just becomes account league (Buy FIFA Coins). But in agreement of fun I anticipate all-embracing it has decidedly brought down the fun agency in FIFA.