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FIFA - You are SOL

EA sports put beneath accomplishment into career approach than they put into authoritative their morning coffee. It's sad, because career approach acclimated to in actuality be in actuality great. They've in actuality removed things that were abundant for career mode, like the "Creation Center", FIFA 18 Coins area you could add your own teams, players, crests, etc.

Now I'm not traveling to pretend to not apperceive why. It's because of ultimate team, and acutely the majority of players don't in actuality affliction that career approach sucks, contrarily they'd yield a big hit in FIFA sales and alpha acclimation the career approach

game play. But, I am aswell a software engineer, and I've done a little of my own abecedarian game-making (just brainless little bold apps), so it's arresting animate just how little accomplishment went into this career approach iteration. Now I'm traveling to bitch about specific things.

1,The in actuality affecting "interactions" you acquire amid yourself, the "board", added clubs, added players, et cetera. This is what is declared to accomplish a career approach feel real, and it's shit. Like, a abecedarian texts you and says "hey gaffer, I'm activity alone and acquire to leave". Except he is fucking arena for the club of his hometown area he's played for 15 years and has never went anywhere else. But that's just the tip of the abstract - you ambition to in actuality discuss with this player, collaborate in any way whatsoever?

You're SOL. This leaves you in in actuality boxy atom if brainless bits happens, like a affluence abecedarian says "hey I'm acquisitive you're experimenting with the band and will accord me a adventitious to play" if the Clasico is your next game. I beggarly appear on. Even a simple interface to allocution with players, ask them how they're activity about arena time, let them apperceive if they'll get added / what amateur you plan to play them in, would advice this aspect of the bold leaps and bounds. "Hey dude I'm not traveling to play you in a Clasico, but you'll play as a sub in all the Alliance Cup games, is that acceptable enough?" This is in actuality adequately simple, it's a bifold accommodation tree, and the chat isn't difficult either.

But we haven't even talked about the abecedarian career approach yet. This bits is even worse. You acquire in actuality no adeptness to altercate annihilation with your manager, no adeptness to say you ambition added arena time or you ambition to blow for a game, no ability to ask to be played in a adapted position, no adeptness to do annihilation except appeal a alteration or retire. And what's more, if you appeal a transfer, sometimes you get this fucking email that says "I've advised your request to transfer, and I've absitively to about-face it down." What? It's like EA is trolling you at that point.

2,The accommodation authoritative abilities of managers if you're a abecedarian - I started a career as Messi. Two supercopa amateur aural a brace days. Played the aboriginal game, won 2-0 with a ambition and an assist. 4 canicule afterwards the additional bold (this is a Clasico supercopa, adjoin Absolute Madrid) - I did not play. In actuality annihilation goes into the coach's abecedarian alternative besides fatigue.

I in actuality had to analysis the agenda myself and SUB MYSELF OUT IN THE 1ST MINUTE if we had a alliance bold followed carefully by a CL game, or I would not play the CL game. It's absolute crap. The drillmaster rarely anytime played MSN. It was about always Messi, Paco, Rafinha. Sometimes Neymar, Rafinha, Messi, sometimes Suarez - Rafinha - Messi...This guy just didn't play MSN. Candidly makes the abecedarian career approach unplayable. You can't yield the "career" with an ounce of calmness when Suarez and Neymar are on the bank for Rafinha and Paco 80% of the time.

3,Simming. Look, I get that "simming" career approach amateur ability assume counter-productive, and why would you ambition to simulate a bold if you're arena your career mode? Able-bodied - there are affluence of affidavit - including already accepting won the league and not absent to play absolute cool games, in arch up to a cup final or something like that. So just how bad is the simulation if you haven't approved it?

Oh, it's bad. I've accurately apparent Messi get subbed in for a defender. Giovinco annual 4 goals afresh get a beeline red. 2 yellows and 2 goals in the aforementioned minute of play. Aught substitutions used. I beggarly the simulation is just crap.

4,Player progress. There is no way to alternation a abecedarian at a new position. I acquire a young, abundant larboard accompaniment who has "great potential", but is larboard footed. 17 year old kid and has 90+ potential. But there's no way to try to alternation this kid to be a appropriate accompaniment to use that larboard bottom added finer on the wing. If you get a adolescence abecedarian even at age 15, their position is set in rock - it cannot be changed.

5,Board "expectations". This ability be one of the affliction locations of the game. Let me acquaint you a story. I alpha a administrator career approach as Barnet FC. They are a mid-bottom 4th alliance aggregation in England. Use a banking takeover and advance approaching star, win the 4th alliance by 21 points, be in the FA cup final. Got an email from the "Barnet Board" (I apperceive because it was active "Sinecerely, The Barnet Board"), blue-blooded "We are not on track".

Holy shit, are you badinage me? I apprehend this affair and it says "we set a ambition for you to get 85% appearance in 5 home matches this season, and we are not on clue for that. We are disappointed".