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When in packs, a lot of appropriate cards are cheaper. PTG Jesus is still 80 to 100k cheaper than on consoles. Buy FIFA 18 Coins the affair is that there are way added bans on the PC about to the playerbase due to coin/draft glitchers, so cards just never see the bazaar again.

You in actuality anticipate that abounding humans get banned? You aggrandize the bulk of players that are cheating then. In every alone online bold the bulk of accidental players is consistently greater than the hardcore ones. Out of the hardcore ones it's still about baby accumulation that are accepting banned for cheating.

As for the acumen why the prices on pc are added big-ticket it is alone due to the actuality that there are far beneath humans amphitheatre the bold on this anchorage than on the consoles. Accepting that in apperception and all worse packs pc is accepting for accomplishing excatly aforementioned ranks as consoles anniversary anniversary will accomplish that prices be added expensive.

That's all because the actuality that Pc accept added hardcore players accommodating to bluff for coins or absorb money for credibility as it is artlessly not abundant accumulate the prices on a appropriate level.

You are appropriate with the beneath rewards issues, if you don't get Elite3 or better, you accept to be absolute advantageous to get some value.

It's not just about the bulk of cheaters, it's that they accumulate so abundant abundance that they own a big allotment of the high-end cards. and if they eventually get banned for whatever reason, these cards are gone forever.

Due to the baby playerbase, as you already said, we accept beneath high-end cards. and the ones who are there are price-doomed due to the abundance of simple coin-glitching.

Because it's a lot smoother and bigger in accepted in every aspect except the market.

I don't accept to annihilate myself every weekend in adjustment to play all WL amateur (we get beneath rewards, but if you're anyone who can get Elite+, you'll still accomplish bank).

Haven't encountered a alone bilker in 400+ games.

The bold doesn't accept far added bugs and glitches on PC, not abiding area you got that abstraction from, if you accept a appropriate PC you will not accept any bugs and glitches.

That said, I played on xbox endure year and had a huge bulk of ascribe lag and in actuality hated the actuality that I was affected to accord up a lot of of my amusing activity on the weekends if I capital a nice rank.

Not to acknowledgment that, because the bazaar is smaller, it's aswell a lot easier to ascendancy and advance if you apperceive what you're doing, accepting actuality is in actuality anticipated and prices acceleration a bits ton, which accomplish it easier for you to get a abundant team.

For example, players are bifold the price, but if you invested in, lets say, 83 rated players, they will acceleration added than bifold of what they did on consoles, authoritative it easier on PC to get a aggregation through investing.

Every alone affair that humans accuse about FIFA Coins in actuality all the time like Agenda Delay, Ascribe delay, etc, never happened to me in the 2k+ amateur I've played on PC over the accomplished 2 years.