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Sep-13-2018 Categories: news

Everyone throwing a bits storm about defenders/central midfielders accident clip needs to chill.

Here's why:

1) We accept all been balked if our Jesus and Aubas can't outdistance the Kompanys of this world. This is due to us not alive the aberration amid 90 and 70 clip in agreement of absolute value, we still don't apperceive this.

What we can yield abroad from the absolute abatement in clip is that fast players should be acutely faster than defenders and ea agrees.

IMO this is a acceptable thing, Kompany should not accumulate up with my fast attackers a lot of of the time.

2) There has been a absolute admission in arresting beyond the lath too.

This is a bold balancer, so admitting Kompany now accepting abundant slower - he should be bigger placed to ambush and abundant added acceptable to win tackles.

This accurately displays the blazon of amateur he is, crazily harder to get around, reads the bold absolute well. Admitting if a adapted through brawl beats him - he will not bolt the faster defender.

Takeaways - I anticipate brainy stats like advancing accession and interceptions will be added important than anytime before.

Time will acquaint if they are the a lot of important in fifa 19, admitting I accept they will accept greater appulse alongside 'skill' attributes i.e the arrest stats.

Apologies for poor amateur choices etc etc, I'm a bits biographer on the best of canicule and just dumped this down in a academician fart.

All able-bodied and acceptable accepting Matic, Vidal, Kompany, Bonucci etc slower to be added adumbrative of "football" - but now yield Sterling, Sane, Costa, et al with 99 clip and batty cutting abilities because of how impactful Hunter can be, and put them as CAM's and Strikers. It will be a abrupt alterity from day one. I apperceive you can put Adumbration on those players, but even afresh they're WAY off the pace.

Does this represent absolute football? Sure, because Sterling would in actuality barbarian Matic in a 1v1, but in absolute apple football the likelyhood of Matic accepting bent out FIFA 19 Coins so abominably that he couldn't use his accession and backbone to activity this would be slim, and ultimately abate the clip Sterling has, about in FIFA we apperceive that wont be the case, even if we don't accept abounding admission to the gameplay.

Hopefully, these arresting boosts will construe in game.