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FIFA - Why humans accept issues with FIFA

I apperceive that he is an Evertonian fan,FIFA 17 Coins and so on, but his endure video area he makes 40-0 with Liverpool/Everton players as a baby to accolade to Hillsborough tradegy is just deserves huge respect, because even tho we got the accurateness from the goverment this is a still huge aperture in all Liverpool admirers hearts.

I'm apathetic of this accepting the acumen for DCs. Plenty of people, myself included, are on active connections, with good, abiding internet, with aught issues in any added amateur (CoD, Halo, BF, you name it), and no DCs in any gamemode added than FUT Champs.

I've had my ISP analysis aggregate on their end and no issues, and I've done all abode of ping tests with EA and there's no issues on my end, and yet I still get DCs.

I accept ATT Uverse with a 125mbps up and down connection. I accept every anchorage accessible for FIFA/EA/Xbox etc. I'm on ethernet. I acquisition it amusing if humans ambition to acquaint me to "get bigger internet", "It's not EA, it's you." I can play every single bold I own with no issues whatsoever.

Hell, I've even fatigued my internet afore while arena amateur such as CSGO while accompanying alive Netflix, Hulu, and downloading HD movies afterwards so abundant as a discharge in my affiliation with anything. But nooooo, it's not Fifa, it's me...GTFO EA shills.

Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 router. I've acclimated DMZ for my Xbox IP to no avail. I'm not adage I accept DC problems. I don't consistently DC. I do occasionally get disconnects though. I was just acknowledging to the humans actuality who assume to anticipate the only humans who DC accept applesauce internet and it's all their accountability they DC.

I aswell accept a harder time assertive the humans actuality who say they accept been arena all year and accept never already gotten disconnected.

I use that router also. I've had a few disconnects this year but they're complete rare. I still accept a lot of FIFA Coins humans accept issues due to their setups. EA servers are cruel and a baby bead in internet will abstract you. Added amateur are more allowing - that is why humans accept issues with FIFA.