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Oct-05-2018 Categories: news

When EA launched battlefront 2 it was destroyed from critics and admirers even afore the bold was appear for including lootboxes agnate to the microtransactions we acquire in fifa.

It was so bad for ea that they had to completly abolish them and afflicted the sales of the bold and battlefront 2 still hasn't recovered from it.

But why is it that they get abroad with it with their sports games? Here i acquire a few affidavit why it could be:

- EA startded so aboriginal with the microtransactions that the playerbase is acclimated to it in fifa. Fut afterwards microtransactions was never a thing.

- I acquire that a big allotment of the fifa playerbase aren't the accepted gamers that play amateur like battlefront. They aren't as amorous about gaming added amateur and about the gaming industry.

- Football is aswell p2w in a faculty in complete life. Clubs buy players for a huge bulk and wish to get bigger this way.

- Opening packs is an important if not the a lot of important allotment of fut and the acumen why it is so popular.

As continued as we acquire this as a association the archetypal will never change. But we aswell acquire to accusation the media a bit because i never see them criticising the archetypal of this game.

To anticipate that ea makes 21% of their assets from microtransactions and abandoned 11% from sales of fifa just shows how crazy it is.

And afresh add the actuality that the aggregation and all the money spent on this bold is abandoned afterwards a year makes it even added disturbing.

I'm aswell one of the players that acclimated to absorb in actuality a lot money on fifa but i haven't so far this fifa and try not to, to achieve a change to their model. We as a association acquire to do something to achieve a change imo.

People accumulate comparing it to Battlefront 2 if they acutely don't apperceive what happened.

The affair with Battlefront were not the microtransactions per say, it was the actuality that you had to pay to play with Vader, for example, one of the bigger characters in the game.

The agnate of that in FIFA would be if you couldn't play with Ronaldo in any approach afterwards paying, if you wish to play with Ronaldo you can calmly go into H2H, Career Mode, etc...

When you buy FIFA you can play with your favourite players afterwards accepting to pay for anything, if you bought Battlefront you paid $60 for a bold breadth you had to pay even added just to get one of the coolest characters, that's what was fucked up about it.

Personally I don't affliction about the "p2w" aspect aback FUT is a section of block these days, anyone who's appropriate at the bold can get a mega aggregation in a brace of months, I beggarly it has been a anniversary and I acquire already fabricated 600k+ FIFA 19 Coins, it's easier than ever.