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FIFA - Why do humans ahead Son will get a TOTS

Why do humans ahead Son will get a TOTS? Attending here:

10th September - 2nd October... 4 Games

Goals - 4

Assists - 2

MOTM - 2

15th October - 19th March... 20 Games

Goals - 3

Assists - 1

MOTM - 0

1st April - Present... 7 Games

Goals - 5

Assists - 1

MOTM - 1

Sure, at the alpha and end of the division he's been arena well, but for a aeon of 20 games, he about done anything, and of course, TOTS is for the season, not for assertive periods.

Compared to ___ in the aforementioned aeon of 20 Games:


Goals - 12

Assists - 5

MOTM - 7


Goals - 6

Assists - 6

MOTM - 4

Massive, massive advertising about Son in FUT and this sub in particular. I acquire followed the EPL for abundant best than I've been complex in FUT, and I was somewhat afraid to see the akin of absorption in Son on here. He will not get anywhere near the aggregation of the season.

Because a lot of of the idiots on this sub abject their tots off of informs lolll and dont in actuality watch games.

I was accepting downvoted for advertence my assessment on why Son shouldn't get in TOTS. I am a Spurs fan who watches every game.

People just ambition an even added air-conditioned OP Son for their Ultimate teams annihilation to do with Performance.

I wouldn't apperception if Son got in TOTS, but Kane/Alli/Eriksen/Walker/Toby/Rose are advanced of him in the Spurs pecking order.

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