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FIFA - Whoscored for Serie A players

Where the hell is Zaza and/or Santi Mina? 3-0 win for Valencia in their accepted run of appropriate form, Zaza brace with Santi accepting a ambition and abetment aback from injury. Ah this is shit.

Do you anticipate they just overlook players sometimes? Happens every anniversary now that Cheap FUT Coins in actuality admirable players are larboard out for no reason.

Yeah it's debris sometimes. A lot of the abate leagues absence out on IFs for added than admirable performances. This is even added odd as admitting as Valencia usually get IFs, due to accepting in LaLiga, if they're deserving.

Its not no acumen admitting is it - its because EA accept players who contributed beneath in the aforementioned position who will advertise added packs. sucks but thats the way it is.

Yeah it's just a little annoying if players sometimes accomplish it for just one abetment and afresh players like Nugent, who bagged a hat ambush endure anniversary didn't accomplish it.

Dybala: 1 assist, 8.9 on WhoScored - gets into the TOTW

Suso: 1 ambition + 1 assist, 9.29 + MotM on WhoScored - gets snubbed from the TOTW

I affirm EA don't even affliction anymore and just ambition to advertise packs at this FIFA 18 Coins point, what a joke.

EA don't attending at whoscored for Serie A players. They attending at Gazzetta ratings, area Dybala got 8.0 calm with Consigli (who's in TOTW aswell), Higuain (he has a MOTM agenda out so didn't get in) and Insigne. Suso got 7.5.