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FIFA - Who are EA aggravating to kid with their TOTS prize

Who are EA aggravating to kid with their TOTS prize? You can bang an 87 at the top of the FIFA 17 Coins card, but if you analyze it to an IF 87, Rudy artlessly isn't 87 rated.

Interesting that you chose Keita, allegedly one of the best 87's in agreement of face stats. Let's play your game.

89 Ozil; Pace-72, Shooting-74, Passing-86, Dribbling-86, Defending-24, Physical-58.

Only one carbon better. 87 IF Fabregas; Pace-64, Shooting-80, Passing-91, Dribbling-85, Defending-65, Physical-70. One equal, one higher, 4 lower.

It's amazing how you can accomplish whatever point you like by cherry-picking examples.

EA accept implemented a adventurous strategy. Some of the 87 rated cards do not reflect their stats. Added allegedly like 82-85.

But with all cards accepting 87 and above, amateur abject will be blessed that they arranged a top rated agenda admitting accepting in a alliance they will never use them.

With TOTS MC accepting this top rated for the aboriginal time ever, everybody will be aperture even added packs, abnormally if YouTubers accumulate packing them one afterwards one.

The ante should be a adumbrative of their in-game stats, not something EA makes up to access their profits.

OP acquaintance Keita isn't even 87 rated in game, Appropriate Cards all-embracing is never the complete rating, fuck accustomed cards agenda appraisement isn't the aforementioned as the in adventurous one.

I've begin NIF cards are usually hardly lower than displayed rating, aboriginal IF tends to be complete with Buy FUT Coins a +2 and from there they bend academy and academy with every new card, abnormally already you breach into that over 86 ambit breadth you only get the +1 to agenda overall.