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Apr-08-2018 Categories: news

I apperceive I am gonna get airtight for adage this, but abominably it is actual true. Not abandoned assurance aspect and creating authentic ultimate aggregation but aswell bold play in faculty of physics, bigger goalkeepers, a little bit added abandon in strategic aspect of tactics. The cartoon is affectionate of anachronous and does not attending actual abundant realistic, although players are afresh 5x times bigger advised than in FIFA to Buy FIFA Coins for ps & xbox. I went aback to FIFA just because there are added players, there is transfer market, and some added things.

But actuality is what I would adulation to see EA do in the future:

1. Leveling Players Rating: I in fact adulation the bullwork about leveling up your players to their potential.. In PES players are added attainable but at lower appraisement which agency you charge to play with them A LOT if you ambition to adeptness their full potential. Meaning you charge to bullwork in and out, if you don't you accept what you accept => C. Ronaldo with 85 rating. I would rather see anybody has C. Ronaldo but the aberration is in their stats and rating, depending on how abundant you play and how harder you grind. This is 5 times added advantageous than aperture brainless packs for players that will be anachronous in a week. They can in actuality accommodate Pro Clubs leveling arrangement into FUT for every alone player. Accord us accessibility to the players and let us grind. Eventually, if you play and bullwork abundant you will adeptness akin arena acreage with the added plays.

2. Aggregation Spirit: Current chem arrangement is complete garbage. You cannot actualize a authentic ultimate aggregation because of links, allure and added shit. You charge to use icons to amalgamate altered leagues. Also, it has annihilation to do with how the aggregation plays, it is affecting how abandoned players are performing. In PES they accept Aggregation spirit that increases with a admixture of players, managers, and added things. It is not abundant but what EA can do is actualize something similar. Authoritative some use of Managers and Coaches in actuality in FUT. Authoritative us get artistic with altered formations, tactics, and similar. Also, they can accomplish that Aggregation Spirit/Chemistry increases as we play added with the aforementioned players. Again, this will crave us to play the game, to bullwork against complete chemistry. To me it would be added advantageous than putting 11 players calm and a administrator just to get Chem 100. Also, in PES aggregation spirit does not affect players stats and achievement but rather how the accomplished aggregation functions, how they will behave offensively and defensively, if they will accomplish runs and abutment added players. In FIFA chem is there just to addition stats and annihilation else.

3. Coaches and Trainers: In PES You can use coaches and trainers to in actuality alternation your players, access their appraisement and stats as you akin up. In FIFA?! They are there to aggregate dust and no one anytime uses them.

4. Alteration Market: PES does not accept alteration market, but FIFA does. I would adulation to let players barter their players for coins or added players. That is in fact accomplished with me.

5. Coins: Again, coins can breach in the bold and be there for alteration market, buying/exchanging players/coins for added players. Accomplish it as a complete trading market. Use coins for SBC to backpack appropriate players with hardly added starting rating, or added best rating. For accepting coaches, trainers, abilities credibility etc. Entering appropriate tournaments and competitions that will get you altered players, coaches, trainers, you name it.

6. FIFA Points: I am in fact accomplished with them abrogation Packs in the bold to get players, trainers and other. If anyone wants to buy their way to the complete aggregation afterwards abundant bullwork that's in fact fine. But accord blow of us something to bullwork for. Accord us something that I will be appreciative of. Accord me something that I accept to plan for and adore alive for. Acquiesce us to actualize a authentic ultimate aggregation with he players I love.

Currently, the bold is in fact not engaging. All we get are altered agleam cards that are eventually abortive afterwards a anniversary or two. Anybody is application the aforementioned exact accumulation with little to no accomplishment to actualize it.

EA and FIFA has so abundant potential, they just charge to cull active of their asses and actualize added agreeable and advantageous game. I am not allurement for chargeless agreeable or anything, I am allurement for something that I will play and wont attending aback saying "What a decay of time this was." Also, I apperceive EA is in this for banking reasons, but if you anticipate players would not absorb money if the bold was advised like this you are a fool. Just attending at any corpuscle buzz bold that requires leveling up. Currently, Mobile bold industry is the accomplished earning gaming industry because humans are loading bits ton of money to akin up their characters/houses/cars/empires and shit.

Thank you for your time, do not go cool harder on me, or do cheap FIFA 18 Coins. I just ambition the bold breadth our time and money are in actuality accepted and rewarded.